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Clare Siobhan - Reignmaker - Eden Rain - teepee

Clare Siobhan - 3/2 (Loves Me). Onstage, Clare Siobhan is a natural-born performer, and connects with her audience easily. She is eager to make every stage feel like a late-night, living-room, private concert. The CBC recognized, award-winning singer-songwriter from Truro, Nova Scotia is now making a home for herself both in Montreal, Quebec, and in that cozy little intersection of folk, pop, and soul. Her layered harmonies paired with bright piano and ukulele lay the foundation for warm vocals that touch on connection, relationships, worry, and that age-old search for meaning and belonging that we feel as we grow. Clare was inspired to join her poet friend who was participating in a prompt-based creative exercise to craft a song with the word of “misfit,” which became her new single “3/2 (Loves Me)”. “I was thinking about it and didn’t really want to write a misfit-themed song in the original sense of the word, so I decided to start writing something I knew: I was falling in love at

Viv & Riley - Part Bat - Sophia Petro - Arielle Silver - T.R. Burge - Hector Gannet

Photo - Libby Rodenbough Viv & Riley - Is It All Over. The new single 'Is It All Over' from Viv & Riley (formerly Vivian Leva & Riley Calcagno) is released this week and taken from their album coming in September from Free Dirt Records. It's a gently sardonic take on the coming future of climate change and billionaires on Mars. Over soft fingerpicked guitars and a harmonies, Riley wonders if the Arctic will have a baseball field on a field of clover, and whether the mining towns on Mars will have bars or Warby Parkers. I dunno, this song just gets me every time, I think it gets at the absurdity of our current age by amplifying that weirdness into a deadly serious future. Alex Bingham of Hiss Golden Messenger produced the album and you can hear some of the Durham, NC magic on it (Viv & Riley live in Durham)! A bittersweet nostalgia lies at the heart of Imaginary People, the new album from Viv & Riley, coming September 15, 2023 on Free Dirt Records. Over

Malena Smith - Tent Music - The Velveteins - Motihari Brigade

Malena Smith - 18. Released today it's Beehive Candy's absolute pleasure to feature 18 the exceptional new single from St. Louis-based artist Malena Smith.  Malena's music is a coming of age story; her previous/recent single, "Betray Myself," was about realizing some of her habits and coping mechanisms weren't really in her best interest. Her new single, "18," is a look back over the last decade of her life, and asking the question, "If I had the chance, would I relive that decade differently?" We are pressured to figure out what to do with our lives at the age of 18, and often succumb to societal expectations to choose the "safe" options - which we can all likely relate to. The weight of the subject matter is juxtaposed by an airy atmosphere and a pop-funk groove, total ear candy. Malena, a classically-trained singer who came up in the world of jazz, has sung in lounges from St. Louis to Tokyo and shared stages with the likes of

Ora Cogan - Ariana Delawari feat. Devendra Banhart

Photo - Stasia Garraway Ora Cogan - Dyed. Experimental singer-songwriter Ora Cogan recently announced the Aug 25 release of her new album Formless by sharing the VHS/Super 8 video for the first single “Cowgirl”,  a haunted acid trip of intense sorrow, deep solitude, and dark nights of the soul. This week, Cogan ponders awkward love with the release of the haunting "Dyed." "I wrote 'Dyed' while I was reading Italo Calvino's Difficult Loves," says Cogan. "It's about how strange and ridiculous romance is... how ridiculous human interaction can be. You're dealing with people on the surface but also their imaginations, fears, dreams, and projections. We're just a bunch of broken funhouse mirrors sometimes and that's sort of horrifying but also kinda fun." “Dyed” is part two of a trilogy of videos by Latro Films created for Formless. The video revolves around a singular character who carries water as a symbol for the human heart and

Matilda Mann - The Garment District - Moon Sisters - Vinny Peculiar

Matilda Mann - You Look Like You Can’t Swim (EP). The incredibly talented Londoner Matilda Mann has shared her latest EP “You Look Like You Can’t Swim” which comprises of an inimitable collection of acoustic songs that cements her as  one of  Britain’s most brilliant young talents.  Matilda has also shared a Wes Anderson-inspired video for the EP’s title track. Speaking about the EP, Matilda explained “Over the past few years, I’ve loved progressing and experimenting with different types of genres and musical instruments and working with other musicians and producers, but Ive had such an urge to create a small group of songs that feel so simple, vulnerable, Romantic and emotional. The kind of songs I would’ve dreamed to make and release when I was 16.” In regards the video, Matilda added “Wes Anderson’s movies have been my favorite since I can remember. There’re so many satisfying qualities in his shots. The symmetrical frames, colour pallets and the movement of the camera, makes his

Skinny Lister - Pressing Strings - Aaron Smith & The Coal Biters

Skinny Lister - Company Of The Bar. Skinny Lister are excited to confirm details of their sixth studio LP titled ‘Shanty Punk’, for release on 20 October via Xtra Mile Recordings. The album announcement is coupled with the unveiling of its leading single, “Company of the Bar.” A song built for the road and the endless adventures it can promise, “Company Of The Bar”, fuses three themes that have loomed large throughout Skinny Lister’s output: drinking, traveling, and the sea. Combining these into one driving, no-nonsense celebration of the virtues of hanging out down the pub with mates and loved ones; it’s a barnstorming addition to the Skinny catalogue and one that pines to be heard bellowed out at your local gig haunt.  As Dan Heptinstall says: “It’s a simple sentiment, but one that is at the heart of the Skinny Lister philosophy. This is a song that has been built for the rugged road, and we can’t wait to hear it belted back at us on our upcoming US and UK Tours later this year!” Th