Boz Scaggs - Expo 1985 - Live in Japan

This is Boz Scaggs live in concert at The Budokan, Tokyo, Japan, on March 15th, 1985, part of Expo 1985.

I do not intend to go on about Boz Scaggs in detail here, when his 'official' fan site has a mass of information that would keep the most ardent fan amused and interested for hours.

All I will say is, if you remain unfamiliar with Boz's music and you like a quality singer - song writer, who plays the guitar superbly, and enjoy anything from Rock to Soul, Blues to Pop, take a listen to this recording.

Source: Originally circulated on CD bootlegger's 'Fire Power' (FP9045), who used silver discs rather than CDR's, the original was recorded from an FM radio broadcast.

Sound Quality: Very good stereo FM (mp3 @ 192kbps).

Genre: Wikipedia reckons -Blue-eyed soul, Disco, Rock, Blues Rock, oh just listen and make your own decision if it's that crucial!

Set: Full live concert

Set List:

01 Dinah Flo - 3.37
02 Jojo - 5.54
03 I Got Your Number - 3.49
04 Isn't It Time - 5.26
05 Hercules - 5.47
06 Breakdown Dead Ahead - 5.24
07 Look What You've Done To Me - 6.02
08 Georgia - 4.35
09 We're All Alone - 4.41
10 Miss Sun - 3.07
11 Lido Shuffle - 5.23
12 Middle Man - 6.00
13 Lowdown - 6.47
14 Angel You - 5.20

Total 1 hour 12 minutes.


Boz Scaggs - Guitar (and the main man singing wise).
Kevin Dukes - Guitar
Carlos Vega - Drums
Scott Plunkett - Synthesizer
Tom Keane - Piano
John Madrid - Trumpet
Venetta Fields - Backing Vocals
Lorna Willard - Backing Vocals

Links: Official Site HERE, much better official fan site HERE.

Comments: Some CD cover art suggests the original source of this recording was soundboard, however it's from the radio broadcast, that just happened to be captured through a quality stereo receiver on to an excellent tape deck.

Download link in comments below - or better still, just click on the picture above.

Purchase: There's a fine selection of DRM free MP3's available worldwide - Boz Scaggs


Beehive Candy said…
Just click on the picture - or copy and paste the following link.


Mike @ Beehive Candy
Anonymous said…
Not being familiar with Boz's music, great to take this opportunity to discover.

Same happened on this site, some weeks ago with Amy MacDonald.

So thanks again for sharing,

Anonymous said…

Thanks for sharing this show.

Martin from Canada
Anonymous said…
diego, from spain:
thanks a lot, i´ve been looking around this morning... GREAT MUSIC...