Francine Honey - Anya Hinkle - Commonwealth Choir - Snake - Charlotte Rose Benjamin

Francine Honey has shared two versions of 'I Carry On' the second one includes Robert Gray who co-wrote the song, both are beautiful heartfelt tracks. === From Anya Hinkle we have a new video for 'Road of the Winds' which is a mixture of exquisite country and bluegrass. === Commonwealth Choir have released 'Light' accompanied by a cracking video as the band serve up some energised hook filled indie rock. === Three months after we featured 'Falling' Snake are back with 'Lost Girl' last time we described their song as "one feisty and fabulous rocker" and the new one is just as potent. === Charlotte Rose Benjamin shares 'Autopilot' along with a self made video (due to Covid lockdown) and both are captivating as she continues to gain trans-Atlantic interest.

Francine Honey - I Carry On.

“I Carry On ” is a testament to the human spirit and its ability to overcome the challenges that life throws our way.  Where does this courage come from?  When the path through is unclear, there are unexpected heroes that appear with help.  Whether it is a partner, a caregiver, a parent, a child, a friend, or one’s faith in something larger than life, this song expresses gratitude to those that light our world and help us through.  There is nothing like seeing the light of love beaming from someone’s eyes when we need it most.

“I Carry On ” is the second single being released in anticipation of her upcoming fifth project entitled 2020 Vision; a chronicle of her life story so far in song, as a double album due out later this year.  It follows the single “Red Sky ” released in Oct 2019 and a full-length Holiday album entitled Take Me To The North Pole released in December 2019.

“I Carry On” was co- written with song writing friend and neighbour, Robert Gray.  Honey says “I have had my share of challenges in life struggling to make ends meet as the sole provider for my two children and somehow I always knew I’d get through them.  Robert and I were outside chatting one day as neighbours do and he told me he was going through a major health challenge with cancer.  We bonded over our mutual feeling about overcoming challenges with the help of a positive attitude, gratitude, love and song writing! We talked about how others have inspired us in the past. We wrote about how people are there for you when you need them and the strength that we as humans find to survive and overcome our challenges.  You just do what you have to do to get through it.”

It took the duo a few months to find the time to sit down to write this song that they had  talked about writing.  When they did finally meet, it came together pretty quickly. In fact, Honey was headed down to Nashville to record her recently released Holiday album, Take Me To The North Pole. She loved the song so much that she asked producer Neilson Hubbard if they could record the song for release in 2020.  So, Honey invited Gray to Nashville to be there if he wanted to see the song being recorded.  After recording the song, Francine asked if Robert wanted to take a stab at singing the song himself in the studio.  Luckily, he agreed and found his way to the vocal booth and sang the song.  It became clear that a duet brings new meaning to the song.  For this reason, there are two versions of “I Carry On ” being released together.  The solo more country version with Honey’s vocals and a duet featuring Robert Gray which adds another dimension to the song.


Anya Hinkle - Road of the Winds.

Anya Hinkle has released a video for "Road Of The Winds". The song is the first single under her own name, and it captures the raw honesty of her personal songwriting.

Alternating moody verses with a singable chorus, “Road Of The Winds” expresses a longing for motion that defines both an end and a beginning for the song’s narrator.

Throughout, Hinkle’s distinctive voice is framed by a hand-picked group of musicians drawn from the rich musical community around western North Carolina: fiddler Julian Pinnelli, mandolinist Thomas Cassell (Circus No. 9), renowned resonator guitarist Billy Cardine, bass player Johnny Calamari, and harmony singer Mary Lucey. Produced by Jon Weisberger, the single is an auspicious start to the new stage of Hinkle’s career.

About Anya Hinkle - With vivid storytelling, vibrant musicianship and arresting honesty, Anya Hinkle explores the beauty of song craft through the lens of the Appalachian string band tradition. Originally from the mountains of Virginia, Anya’s music is steeped in the tones of folk and bluegrass and seasoned by travels across the world. A founding member of Asheville-based bands Dehlia Low (Rebel Records) and Tellico (Organic Records), Anya will release tracks from her first full-length album under her own name this year on Organic Records.


Commonwealth Choir - Light.

Philadelphia’s Commonwealth Choir is constantly searching for the space between light & dark... somewhere to crack a smile while the storm rages on.

What began as a folk rock project loosely stemming from the likes of AA Bondy & Rocky Votolato, rough iPhone demos quickly attracted a mountain of influences as the band’s lineup took shape in late 2011. Pop-punk influences like Saves The Day & Brand New collided with formative behemoths such as Elvis Costello & Tom Petty - all while holding the power of simple storytelling above all else.

After relocating from Doylestown, PA to Philadelphia in 2012, the band began connecting with musicians near & far. Attracting the attention of WXPN, the band found success with their first single “Rest” & soon found themselves collaborating with producer Dan Pawlovich (Mosey, Valencia, Illinois, Panic! At The Disco) for their subsequent releases. The following years included countless shows & collaborations (including their short-lived cassette label Philly Tapes Philly). After supporting the release of 2015’s “Palace”, the group slowed their live schedule as they began to explore what was to come next. Multiple lineup changes & countless demos later, they found themselves recording what came to be their upcoming EP No End. No End will be out June 19, 2020 via Know Hope Records.


Snake - Lost Girl.

Four years after their debut album ”Cradle of Snake” was released Snake is now back and their new single ”Lost Girl”.

Snakes music consists of brilliant and explosive indierock characterized by what happens when Tess De La Cour, Madeleine Frankie and Mia Maria Johansson play together in a room. With strong vocals, screaming guitar and and a steady beat this single is the second glimpse of on album recorded with Stefan Brändström in the Dustward Studio, which will be released in the fall of 2020.

A lot happened for Snake around their debut album - gigs all over the Sweden and in Europe, support gig to Refused and also awarded the "Rock of the Year" award at the Swedish Indie-awards: Manifestgalan. Shortly thereafter, a natural break occurred, which then became a few year break

However, The members have been constantly moving on with other interesting projects - Mia Maria Johansson has released an album with Majvor and earlier this winter a new single with her self-titled solo project, Tess De La Cour has been acclaimed internationally for her dark project Memoria and Madeleine Frankie have, In addition to playing live with Memoria, has released music including Night Terror. Both Tess and Madeleine have also participated in the prestigious Riot Grrrl Sessions.


Charlotte Rose Benjamin - Autopilot.

NYC singer-songwriter Charlotte Rose Benjamin announces her new single, “Autopilot”, taken from the Neon Gold Records / Moshi Moshi released Party City EP. Stuck in isolation, along with the rest of the world, Charlotte set about making a video for “Autopilot” at home, primarily using PhotoBooth.

It’s latest cut from her sterling debut Party City EP, which has already garnered attention on both sides of the Atlantic with support from CLASH, Huw Stephens and BBC Radio 1, BBC 6 Music, Radio X, and Spotify's global New Music Friday.

Charlotte says: "I've always had a hard time controlling my emotional compass and tend to inwardly dwell. I kept having this dream, which I hear is common when living in a tiny New York City apartment, where I discover a whole new room in my home through a door in the closet or someplace unexpected and realize I have so much more space than I ever thought. When I wrote it I was sort of caught between fantasizing about being totally alone, pushing people away and then feeling super lonely and reaching out to anyone I knew who might give me attention. Someone told me to "just go on autopilot" as if there was a switch I could flip somewhere inside me that would make me function normally. I told them I wasn't f***ing flying a plane.

So, making a music video for "Autopilot" alone in a room on Photo Booth during the COVID-19 crisis kinda made sense. I think a lot of people are struggling with feeling desperately lonely right now. Little creative projects like this have been saving me from losing my mind." Charlotte, who starred in the video for Gus Dapperton’s breakout hit “I’m Just Snacking” and counts The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne as a fan, is certainly One To Watch for 2020.