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Kelseidoscope - Wouldya Bee?

Kelseidoscope has released her latest single, ‘Wouldya Bee.’ The track, performed and written by Kelseidoscope and produced by Randy Kalsi is available on all streaming platforms today February 12th.

This latest single explores the importance of harmony in the world, and features Kelseidoscope’s cheerful vocals, along with her ukulele playing, to create a sweet and freeing soundscape that we all need in 2021.

“The chorus of Wouldya Bee first came to me while on a date at a bee sanctuary but I didn't finish the song until years later. For a long time I thought romantic relationships were a distraction from personal and spiritual development, until I later realized love can be one of the greatest motivators,” says Kelseidoscope. “Similarly to how the teamwork of bees makes the sweetness of honey, the sacred bond of a loving relationship can overflow to bring more sweetness into the world at large. Shortly after I came to these realizations I decided to finish the song and incorporate these insights into the lyrics of this fun-loving, joyful tune!” More singles for this artist are underway in 2021 with an album also expected.

Kelseidoscope [Kelsey Eide] is a Canadian singer-songwriter whose mission is to create music with a lens to heal and inspire. “Kelseidoscope” is not only a play-on-words via her name but is indicative of her process as a musician: repeated reflection. She digs deep into life’s beauty and trials offering positivity, hope or emotional processing with her high consciousness lyrics, catchy choruses and warm, embracing vocals. 

From teaching English in Korea to organic farming in her hometown of Timmins Kelseidoscope has a multitude of enriching life experiences she credits for forming her unique approach to music. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Community Development which deeply influenced her outlook on life and the themes of her songs. She has lived and volunteered in many parts of the world including teaching English in Korea, volunteering at an Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand, and working as a TV Presenter in Shenzhen, China. While living in Shenzhen her sister Kylah tragically passed away, motivating her to pursue her dreams full-heartedly. Kelseidoscope is motivated by supporting others to feel life’s greatest emotions and instill confidence and self love. Each of her songs have layers of stories, adventures and meaning she is committed to sharing with the world.


K Michelle DuBois - The Fever Returns.

Wolves have long appeared as symbols in songs—spectral embodiments of solitary spirit animals driven by otherworldly passions and a mystical sense of freedom. After all, everyone from Duran Duran to the Los Angeles punk band X have invoked the hungry wolf in their songs detailing their most uncanny allegorical excursions into the night.

With her latest album, titled The Fever Returns, Atlanta-based singer, guitar player, and songwriter K Michelle DuBois pushes the boundaries of her Southern-inflected indie pop songs toward mysterious new and nocturnal terrain. Throughout the album, unlikely musical bedfellows—highly cultivated guitar tones, boundless pop production, and metaphysical imagery—placed side by side form singularly pleasing and full-bodied combinations.

The album’s opening title track comes to a head with a lingering rumination. DuBois sings: “Broke free from a comfort zone / Was it really that good? / Or were you just hiding / Seeing things you ain’t seen before / Walk right through an open door / You get so excited.”

Her words cast light on a path snaking through songs with titles such as “Heaven,” “Firestar,” and “Baby Witch,” each one finding the earth, the moon, the stars, and the elements taking on deeper and higher meanings amid her bounding melodies.

It’s in the song “Strawberry Moon,” though, when the wolves come out. The music builds subtly at first. The sound of wolves howling in the darkness blend with lingering percussion and synth lines, all resonating on the same spectral frequency. DuBois eases into the song, adding texture as she sings, “I was hunted beneath the Strawberry Moon / All told, my sole purpose was finding a place / Finding a place where we could stay wild.” The sound of her voice, and the shape of her words stir up a pensive atmosphere. It’s here in the midst of “Strawberry Moon” where she reveals the vital essence of The Fever Returns, and it’s message of looking deep within to make sense of her place in the world.

“It’s about finding your powers and your strengths—honing them,” DuBois says. “Let them be the impetus for you to leave your comfort zone, and to go out and experience new things, and to open new doors.”

The album’s title, and its opening number came to DuBois in the Spring of 2019, while she was stuck in bed, fighting a months-long illness. “I was spending a lot of time at home, much like right now,” DuBois says. “I had a horrific fever that was coming and going, and then I started thinking about it in different terms, like a fever for life, or whatever your passion may be, and ideas started coming together.”


Quiet Marauder - Will I Remember To Remember?

Following swiftly on from last year’s Tiny Men Parts EP, Quiet Marauder re-enter the sonic fray with their latest Bubblewrap Collective long-player, The Gift, on 9th April 2021. Taking a strong divergence from the bombastic pop-punk of its predecessor, The Gift sees backing vocalist Kadesha Drija step to the foreground for the majority of the album, standing afront a richly crafted, multi-instrumental acoustic-folk backdrop.

Recorded pre-pandemic, January 2020, in The Burning Hell’s (Canada) pop-up Snowbird Studios, aka an art deco villa in Riofreddo, near Rome (Italy), this release marks another chapter in the ongoing international collaboration between the bands. For this album, Quiet Marauder’s (Wales) contributions of acoustic guitar, bass, trumpet and layered lead and backing vocals are granted further textural depth from their Canadian counterparts. These include minimalist harmonic splashes of flute, piano, organ (Jake Nicoll), electric guitar, bouzouki (Darren Browne) and bass clarinet (Ariel Sharratt).

Returning to the conceptual songwriting approach of previous releases MEN and The Crack And What It Meant, The Gift charts the narrative of a troubled teenage girl (Willow) haunted by visions of a mysterious house fire. Willow’s path is traced through well-meaning foster parents, teenage love interests, time-bending superpowers, distrust of domestic appliances and, ultimately, her own memories; covering themes of self-identity and the fallibility of human recall. Though the album marks a more overtly serious tone for the band, the sensitive subject matter is delicately handled through their trademark low-key, observational and, sometimes, darkly humorous lyrics.


Borito - What We Have Now (Album).

Welcome to Borito's time machine - music that sends you back your summer vacation. The album is all about bringing back innocence, the freedom of loving, living and creating without the obligations and disappointments of adulthood. 

Borito’s debut album, "What we Have Now", is independently produced by band members Yael Copeland and Shahar Levi. Yael and Shahar are Tel Aviv musicians. They met in a music festival where Yael was performing and Shahar was the sound engineer. As their relationship developed so did the music of Borito.

Borito songs are fun, danceable, dreamy and colorful arrangements influenced by contemporary indie pop bands, a love for post-funk and storytellers from the best
of the rock and folk traditions. The band received a lot of attention with their first three singles.

The songs are being played in radio stations around the world: UK, The Netherlands, and South Korea & of course Israel. Playlists, international blogs and magazines are featuring the songs and complementing Borito's unique sound.
Borito is rounded out with two additional talented musicians: Sivan Dahan and Yoni Deutsch, both accomplished indie musicians that add their own sound and personality.

Altogether, the fantastic four create a colorful world of sound that is not limited by genre. In an age where we are surroundedby major challenges, global changes and an unknown future, the album celebrates the sweetness in life that can be easily forgotten.


Emily Coupe - Nursery Rhyme (Lullaby Version).

Prolific songwriter and consummate performer, Emily Coupe, delights audiences of all ages with her latest release, ‘Nursery Rhyme’ due to be launched worldwide on February 12th. 

The Australian born, Los Angeles artist releases this song as a follow up to the highly successful “Quarantine Christmas” which received airplay and video exposure in Australia and Japan. 

Her latest release further demonstrates Emily’s strength as a lyrical melody writer and creative arranger. The song, features the critically acclaimed, multiple solo album, Australian pianist, Timothy Davey. 

Reflecting the title, the listener is taken back to their childhood with the interplay of a familiar nursery rhyme enhancing the haunting message of Emily’s song. Available on all streaming platforms on February 12 ‘Nursery Rhyme’ is a not to be missed hit song for Emily Coupe.


Charlotte Spiral - New Light.

Dark-alt pop duo Charlotte Spiral impressed with their debut EP Ideal Life in February 2020, garnering widespread critical acclaim, a Union Chapel show in support of Alice Boman, a Rough Trade Recommends showcase, and support from BBC6 Music. A year later, they’ve teamed up with Speedy Wunderground’s Dan Carey (Kae Tempest, Bat For Lashes, Sia) once more for their evocative new EP New Light. Confronting and examining loss, escapism, dissatisfaction and comparing oneself, the EP will be released on April 9th.

Recorded both remotely and in-person with collaborator Dan Carey throughout the last year in and out of lockdown, New Light is both a reaction to, and a product of, Charlotte Spiral’s experience of an extended period of self-reflection.

Lead single and title track ‘New Light’ examines the internal conflict between living in the moment and wishing you were elsewhere, and thanks to social media, comparing your own life to others. Speaking about the song, lead singer Amy Spencer explains that it was written in response to a personal battle that will be familiar to many; “It’s simply a message to myself to live more in the present and stop imagining how things could be, especially nowadays when it's so easy to get distracted and compare yourself to other people”.

Charlotte Spiral is a collaboration between Amy Spencer and Avi Barath; two musicians that have been involved in multiple projects respectively before coming together to form the duo. Having met at Goldsmiths, the pair connected due to their mutual love of artists such as Rufus Wainwright, Julia Holter, Moses Sumney, Yann Tiersen and Beach House, and their inherent desire to write music that is lyrically driven and built upon organic piano melodies.