Monday Mix: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - The Raveonettes - Sarah Beatty - The New Respects

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Down (is Where I Want To Be).

Background - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, heads into its twelfth year and the release of its fifth album, The Tourist. Like previous Clap Your Hands Say Yeah records, The Tourist nods to Alec Ounsworth’s musical heroes—a group that includes artists such as John Cale, Robert Wyatt, Tom Waits and Nick Cave. However, this album also shows a natural progression from previous records. “Better Off” and “The Vanity Of Trying” are lush, keyboard-augmented songs, while “A Chance To Cure” and “Ambulance Chaser” are rhythmically askew, and the sighing “Loose Ends” is delicate, acoustic-based folk-rock.

Ounsworth spent about a week recording The Tourist at Dr. Dog’s Philadelphia-based studio with a drummer and bassist. After that, he and engineer Nick Krill spent a few months “tidying things up” and recording additional embellishments: backup vocals, keyboards, guitars and more percussion. That gives The Tourist more of a band feel than the last album, and contributes to why the record possesses a musical lightness. The dreamy opening track “The Pilot” especially has a lilting edge, courtesy of Smiths-reminiscent acoustic guitars strums and Ounsworth’s hiccupping, conspiratorial vocals.

The Tourist was then mixed by Dave Fridmann, who also worked on two previous Clap Your Hands Say Yeah albums, 2007’s Some Loud Thunder and 2014’s Only Run. Ounsworth says he and Fridmann are on the same musical wavelength, which makes their long-time working relationship an anchor of sorts.  “Dave and I don’t necessarily stick with what’s easiest which is fine and anxiety-inducing, in a good way,” he says. “He challenges me to do something a little bit different.” Website here, Facebook here.

The new single release 'Down (is Where I Want To Be)' is taken from 'The Tourist' album, due out on February 24th. We featured the first single (Fireproof) last month, and our enthusiasm for the forthcoming album remains buoyant with this powerful and pleasing song.


The Raveonettes - Pendejo.

Background - The Raveonettes have completed their Rave-Sound-Of-The-Month series with December's release of the final track "Pendejo." The full digital album will be available February 17th, with the CD out April 21st & Vinyl release set for Record Store Day on April 22nd via Beat Dies Records.

The Rave-Sound-Of-The-Month playlist began at the start of 2016 where the band would upload a freshly recorded track on the last Friday of every month throughout the year. The 'anti-album' features a collection of new tracks that aren't bound by the constraints of the format.

The Raveonettes also continue their new Pledge Music Campaign where fans can pledge for the CD and vinyl of the forthcoming new album. Sign up for the Pledge Music Campaign here. Website here and Facebook here.

We featured Octobers song release (This Is Where It Ends) and thought it a good thing to dip back into the series of music, with the last one 'Pendejo'. Atmospheric, vibrant and something of an epic piece at twelve minutes long, The Raveonettes complete their Rave-Sound-Of-The-Month series in epic style.


Sarah Beatty - Bandit Queen (Acoustic).

Background - Out on February 3, Bandit Queen is a folk fabled concept album that began with a 19th century horse thief named Belle Starr. The title track “Bandit Queen” documents the creative transition from concision, which was central to Sarah Beatty's first album Black Gramophone, towards a supersonic mythological expansion that happens in the new album. There are all kinds of mythologies telling people who they are and who they aren’t. "With this song, I wanted to invite the dark parts into the storyline and inspire listeners to be their whole, real, bodacious, outlawed selves".

Bandit Queen really came into existence in the 19th century through the historical account of an exceptional and flawed woman. Sarah Beatty says When I read about Belle Starr, the fabled bank heist mastermind turned horse thief, she grabbed my attention immediately. And from that original inspiration, I began imagining and contemplating all kinds of stories that rarely get told about women, even in the 21st century. Each of the songs on this record tells a different story, and as a collection they become the spine of a whole other adventure. Website here and Facebook here.

Sarah Beatty has created one very fine album that takes the listener on a musical journey that mixes Americana with Folk Rock, Blues and pretty much every genre in between. Final song is the acoustic version of the title track 'Bandit Queen' and is one of thirteen fabulous tracks. This is one of those albums that deserves to be heard, and hopefully many will do just that.


The New Respects - Money.

Background - Nashville's The New Respects has returned with a new single, "Money," releasing the track today at all digital music services. 2017 is shaping up to be a breakout year for The New Respects, having recently signed with Credential Recordings and music distributor Caroline. 

“'Money' was written while we were in college, when we didn’t have much,” reflects the band's bassist Alexis Fitzgerald. “The chorus says 'life ain’t about money,' and that’s true; we found happiness at a time when money was tight, and we wanted to share that sentiment with our fans. Our producer, Jeremy Lutito, helped us create a fun chorus and rhythm that would allow our audience to let loose and enjoy life in the moment."
It was a chance meeting in Nashville that brought The New Respects together with producer/drummer Jeremy Lutito (of rock group Leagues). Lutito took an immediate liking to The New Respects' soul/rock sound, and produced this single along with the group's previous two tracks, "Trouble" and "Hey," which landed on Spotify's U.S. Viral 50 Chart.

The New Respects is a family affair, made up of three siblings, twins Alexis (bass) and Zandy Fitzgerald (guitar), along with their brother Darius (drums), and cousin Jasmine Mullen (vocals/guitar). The group is heavily influenced by the gospel music they were surrounded by growing up in Nashville, which extends to artists including Aretha Franklin, Alabama Shakes, and John Mayer. Looking ahead, The New Respects will showcase as an official artist at this year's SXSW in Austin, TX. Website here, Facebook here.

Second time around on Beehive Candy for The New Respects this time with the funky and feisty 'Money'. The band are energised, the song is full of hooks, the chorus says 'life ain’t about money,' and we agree.