Bootleg Originals Part Six - Janis Joplin - Honolulu 1970

This is Janis Joplin live in Honolulu, USA, on the 6th July 1970.

Sadly she would only perform nine further concerts after this, and died aged 27 on the 4th October 1970.

She was with out doubt, one of the most popular and influential singers of the sixties and is considered to be one of the greatest female rockers of all time.

This is a complete & unedited concert by Janis Joplin with Full Tilt Boogie, recorded through the soundboard (stereo quality @ 160kbs).

Janis is in incredible form, her interaction with the audience and the whole concert is just wonderful.

This is in my opinion an absolute must for any fan, and even those of you, with just a passing interest.

Set List:

1-Tell Mama.
2-Half Moon.
3-Move Over.
4-Stage Problems.
7-Janis Banter.
8-Get It While You Can.
9-Kozmic Blues.
10-Encore Break.
11-Piece of My Heart.

Much has been written about Janis Joplin since her passing, however her music remains as vibrant and timeless today, as way back when for a while, she was the foremost female in rock. This recording does her justice, I hope you also enjoy a real classic boot, with very good sound quality.

Also check out the official Janis Joplin website HERE.

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Anonymous said…
This is every bit as good as you said it would be, thankyou
Anonymous said…
Late to the party again and the link is gone. Any chance of a re-post?

Martin, London Canada
Anonymous said…
yep , agree to martin , any chance for a re-up ? and i really apreciate all the effort you put into maintaining this blog. hope you keep going for a really long time - timo
Anonymous said…
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Timmy said…
Man, like, wowsersville's! Thank ya kindly for this great Janis...
娃娃 said…
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娃娃 said…
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情色貼圖 said…
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Anonymous said…
Thank you for this. I attended that concert (I was 19 years old, taking the summer off from college), and she was gone a few months later.

A month after this concert, I saw Jimi Hendrix at the same arena. He, too, was gone a few months later.

It was an amazing chance that I had to catch these two, and thanks to you I can relive the memory of Janis' show.

Mahalo nui
Beehive Candy said…
Download link:

Password: bigreup15-074#

Reloaded 09/June/2015

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