Yes - Live In Chile 1998

A while back I was emailed asking if I had any Yes bootlegs ( I accidentally deleted the message, so apologies to the sender for never replying).

The answer was of course yes.

I recently came across this show, and one song prompted me to start featuring the band.

Lets take a step back. I have most official Yes material both on vinyl and CD, so I have to admit more than a passing interest in the band.

That said, down the years I have also found them infuriating!

The self indulgent, pretentious, 'prog rock at it's worst' moments, have left me cringing, and the stage costumes in the seventies and eighties, a million miles from street credibility, can only make me gag.

However, and a very big however at that! in the right mood and on the right day, Yes can still make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

It was one particular track inclusion on this boot, that even before listening, had me poised for a little neck hair rising. The song in question is 'America' the cover version they perform of the Simon and Garfunkel original.

I first came across this on 'The New Age Of Atlantic' album back in 1971 (I think it was 71). In fact revisiting both 'The Age of Atlantic' and 'The New Age Of Atlantic' albums, has prompted me to do another post on these 'sampler' albums, so more about them another time.

I have often wondered what Yes would have sounded like, and developed into, if they had been a no nonsense rock'n'roll band, maybe this concert and in particular the inclusion of 'America' gives us all a hint.

This is Yes live on the 21st of May 1998, in Santiago, Chile, at the Monumental El Teatro, in front of around 6000 adoring fans.

The set list is:

1. Firebird Suite
2. Siberian Khatru
3. Rhythm Of Love
4. America
5. Open Your Eyes
6. And You And I
7. Heart Of The Sunrise
8. Mood For A Day/Winter/Guitar Boogie/Clap
9. From The Balcony
10. Wonderous Stories
11. Khoroshev Solo
12. Long Distance Runaround/Whitefish/Alan White Solo/Ritual
13. Owner Of A Lonely Heart
14. Santiago
15. I've Seen All Good People
16. Roundabout
17. Starship Trooper

The band line up was:

Jon Anderson (Vocals)
Steve Howe (Guitars)
Billy Sherwood (Guitars)
Chris Squire (Bass)
Alan White (Drums)
Igor Khoroshev (Keyboards)

This is a good quality soundboard recording (raw and funky, turn up the volume and enjoy).


Some Yes albums in the beehive Candy Store HERE.








Yes we are Beehive - Yes we are Candy...
Anonymous said…
thank you
satyricon said…
When Yes is really "on" they are a great live band! this recording is catches them during one of those moments. The stand out track here (IMO) is not "Amerika" but "Heart of the Sunrise". It's not often one hears the crowd singing along with Jon Anderson but this is a real treat as the Santiago crowd provides a spirited chorus to the quiet, lyrical part of the tune. A rather moving experience indeed. That and Andersons' story of "Thai tea"(!) before "And You and I" make this a must have for Yes fans new and old.
satyricon said…
not to upstage you Behive Candy on the "Yes live" tip but those wishing to hear more should check out

plenty of live Yes recordings from their various eras.
Anonymous said…
Always love Yes. Even when you have to indulge them a bit. Don K.
Anonymous said…
I guess occaisionally you get spammed by a real freak, not just us old hippies
dont let them grind you down beehive
Anonymous said…
Cheers for this.

Anonymous said…
Wow, eleven years ago...
I was there at the ex-Monumental Theater, so, the nostalgies come suddenly.

Thanks for the post. These are very nice remembers.

I still keep my ticket, sponsored by Escudo beer.

aukan rocks said…
Thanks man, it was an incredible night. Really good sound. Just a point: The venue was on may 19.

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