Quality Not Quantity - A Few Good Ones

A new feature on Beehive Candy - 'Quality Not Quantity - A Few Good Ones' is where we let the music do most of the talking (or singing, strumming, playing). This feature will help us provide as many artists whose music we like and have been bought to our attention, a feature on Beehive Candy. You can take it as read, this is in our very, very humble opinion, music worth a serious listen!

Liz Brennan - Although the songs have been around for a while, we are told that the 'Expecting To Fly' EP is getting another well deserved release through Demented Pop Recordings. Take note!

Milton Star - follow their successful double A side record 'Salvation' and 'Sorryville' with the release of their new single 'Things Fall Apart', which is due out on the 15th June on Stereogram Recordings. This really takes them further as atmospheric story tellers. If you like the previous release featured below, get hold of the new one, it's outstanding. Facebook HERE.


Sasha Siem - A little bit of Bjork and maybe some Joanna Newsom? Plus a massive amount of individual talent, from composing through to singing and performing. Sasha Siem has released an incredible debut album 'Most Of The Boys'. Unique in a special and worthy manner.


Cultfever are a Brooklyn based duo who have been gaining considerable attention for their genre hopping sounds, that are routed in what I can only describe as cinematic indie rock or pop, only to add it's more than that. Confused? Well give them a listen, sometimes it really is easier to let the music do the talking. Website HERE.


The Newcastle four piece Street Party In Soho are most definitely attracting positive attention and plaudits in the UK. Both BBC radio and XFM exposure along with a demand for the band to perform live has raised the bands status. They are annoyingly young and talented, what's going on there then!


Shooze - are a three-piece ska-punk band from Redditch, West Midlands, UK. Members Jon Kings (lead vocals/guitar), Ryan Kings (vocals/bass), and Ricky-Lee Cooper (drums) describe their music a hybrid of seventies' ska, punk & reggae, saying "We're bringing the best raw 70's street vibes back to life with a modern groove. Its all about a raw live sound, back to basics – real band music like it should be heard & experienced live”. That's good enough for a listen surely!


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