The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Hell.

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Hell.

And Kip and the band tells us - A couple months ago I posted a demo for the song "Hell" and some people said, "why don't you record that for real?" So we went over to my friend Danny's studio (House Under Magic) and recorded the track along with two cover songs - "Ballad of the Band" by Felt and "Laid" by James as a way to mark our forthcoming tour of Japan. 

The latter has lead vocals by Jen Goma, who sang on our last album and also performs with the excellent pop contortionists, A Sunny Day in Glasgow. The Felt song is really the UR-Felt song, the wry articulation of what Felt is most famous for - not being an eighth as famous as they ought to be. The song "Hell" is about how insufferable performances of sensitivity are when there's a good song playing and someone you want to dance with.

Remaining Tour Dates:

November 28 - Hong Kong - Cockenflap Festival
November 29 - Singapore - Neon Lights Festival

There is something quite raw and genuine about this three track release. 'Hell' has that natural rock feel to it, not to polished, it just lets the bands collective talent do the work, and is pleasingly unpretentious. Having found a link to the cover of 'Laid' I could not resist sharing this as well. I love so much of the music James have released down the years, and this version does the original justice, whilst demonstrating that this band can put their stamp on a whole range of music, in a really good way.




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