The Clash - Live in Los Angeles 1982

This is The Clash Live at the Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles, California, on the 29th October 1982.

They were the main support act for The Who on this occasion, whilst supporting them across the USA predominately in large arena's and stadiums.

This was around the time that the band begun to suffer from a lot of 'internal wrangling' partly as Topper Headon had been replaced by Terry Chimes on drums, and probably due to the toll of constant touring and album recording.

This remains however a very cohesive and solid performance, and the audio quality is spot on (stereo soundboard).

Set List:

01. London Calling
02. Police On My Back
03. The Guns of Brixton
04. This Is Radio Clash
05. Spanish Bombs
06. Rock the Casbah
07. The Magnificent Seven/Armagideon Time/The Magnificent Seven
08. Janie Jones
09. Train In Vain
10. Tommy Gun
11. Clampdown
12. Brand New Cadillac
13. Should I Stay Or Should I Go
14. I Fought the Law

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Nazz Nomad said…
excellent! didn't have this one. i remember when this tour came to nyc i wouldn't go because i thought the clash had "sold out" by opening for the 'oo at a stadium.
Anonymous said…
Thank you so very much for re-upping The Clash!
Anonymous said…
Merci! :c)
Anonymous said…
As any clash fan will tell you Topper wasn't replaced "due to the toll of constant touring and album recording" but because he was a smackhead whose habit got out of hand. He just wasn't competent behind the drum kit anymore.
Beehive Candy said…
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