America - Live In Boston 1975

America (the band) formed in 1970.

By the time of this concert in 1975, they were in the process of releasing their first 'greatest hits' album.

With five albums released by 1975 (the first two went platinum, the following three gold), the band who formed in London (UK), had achieved popularity and commercial success both sides of the Atlantic.

The band continue to tour and record, this concert however is from their first era of success.

Performing at the Boston Music Hall, Boston, MA, USA on the 4th May 1975 this is a full concert from America.

Set list:

01. Intro
02. Tin Man
03. Muskrat Love
04. Baby It's Up To You
05. Moon Song
06. Old Man Took
07. To Each His Own
08. Lonely People
09. I Need You
10. Don't Cross The River
11. Ventura Highway
12. Only In Your Heart
13. Woman Tonight
14. Story Of A Teenager
15. Half A Man
16. Company
17. Hollywood
18. Sister Golden Hair
19. crowd noise
20. Sandman
21. A Horse With No Name

The recording is very good quality stereo, however I am not sure of the source, the audience are clearly having a great time!

You can visit America's MySpace HERE, and their official website HERE.

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Anonymous said…
Pure magic ! Thanks for this wonder... Cheers !
Anonymous said…
Oh yeah this definitely looks very interesting. Not so many live recordings from America are available in good quality... Except for the official live albums that are so cruelly short.

Thanks for sharing

Derek from Paris
Beehive Candy said…
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