Free - Isle Of Wight Festival - 1970

The 1970 Isle of Wight festival was the third and final year of the early festivals history.

With an estimated 600,000 people in attendance both the organisers and the islanders had enough after this event.

Free were a young band who first came together to rehearse at the Nag's Head pub in Battersea, London, on April 19, 1968.

Bass player Andy Fraser, was only 15 years old while lead singer Paul Rodgers, lead guitarist Paul Kossoff, and drummer Simon Kirke, were also still teenagers.

It would have been hard to imagine that just over two years later they would perform to such a large audience.

Just three years later in 1973 the band disbanded, however they left classics such as 'All Right Now' and 'Wishing Well' along with some superb album tracks for posterity.

This is Free live at East Afton Farm, Freshwater, Isle of Wight, England, the home for the third festival, on Sunday 30th August 1970.

Set List:

01 Ride on a Pony
02 Woman
03 The Stealer
04 Be my Friend
05 Mr Big
06 Fire and Water
07 I'm a Mover
08 The Hunter
09 All Right Now
10 Crossroads

This is a stereo soundboard @ 192Kbps and for the year is excellent.

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yeah, thanks for this, rock on.. great show, from a noteworthy rock r'n'b band, lovely event! harry
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