Steppenwolf - Live In London 1972

This is Steppenwolf live in London, at some point in the summer of 1972. This concert has circulated on vinyl and Cd as 'Five Fingered Discount'.

Source: Possibly soundboard, however the recording sounds more like FM, sorry cannot confirm.

Sound Quality: Stereo 320kbps mp3 (Good clean sound).

Rock, from 60's psychedelic to Boogie and Blues.

Set: Edited to 45.30 minutes - vinyl album running length, there are a few 'harsh' edits between some tracks.

Set List:

01. Magic Carpet Ride 3:47
02. Sookie Sookie 3:28
03. Five Finger Discount 4:38
04. Hey Lawdy Mama 3:40
05. The Pusher 3:51
06. News I Can Use 5:05
07. Monster 9:03 --> a) Monster
--> b) Suicide
--> c) America

08. Nothin Like It 3:52
09. Hot Summer Night 3:18
10. Born To Be Wild 4:43

Links: Official web site HERE.

Comments: There are few details regarding this particular concert.

John Kay toured Europe as The John Kay Band in 1972, and also as Steppenwolf on the same bill, John Kay fronting both groups.

It is therefore likely to be from one of these gigs, and so, this might be the complete 'Steppenwolf' show, from the tour (are you still with me?)...

Whatever this is a feisty performance with the London audience clearly loving every minute.

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Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing. I had the chance to see Steppenwolf in concert some years ago in Paris(ashamely in front of only 100 people... no one remembers this band in France)but still the concert and John Kay's voice were great.

Anonymous said…
Photo is definetely taken at Musikhalle Hamburg, early 70s
Beehive Candy said…
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