The Sugarcubes - Live In Manchester - 1988

This is The Sugarcubes, arguably Iceland's most successful 'contemporary' music band, and as I am sure you already know, inclusive of Bjork, who within and outside of Iceland, has gone on to even greater musical success.

Recorded at Manchester University Student's Union, Manchester, England on the 14th May 1988, this is part of The Sugarcubes gig that night, that was then broadcast on BBC Radio One.

Source: FM Radio Broadcast (BBC Radio).

Sound Quality: Very Good stereo 'off air' recording, converted to 320kbps mp3 quality.

Genre: Alternative Rock, popular in both Europe and on USA College radio at the time.

Set: Live recording for BBC Radio - as I understand part of the nights gig. (Total playing time 29:48 minutes).

Set List:

2.Tidal Wave.
7.Sick For Toys.
9.Delicious Demon.

Band Line Up:

Björk Guðmundsdóttir (vocals, keyboards)
Einar Örn Benediktsson (vocals, trumpet)
Sigtryggur Baldursson (drums)
Þór Eldon
Bragi Ólafsson (bass)
Einar Melax

Links: The Sugarcubes have very low commercial or informative web presence. To check out their discography use Bjorks official site HERE. The Sugarcubes record label (One Little Indian) pages are HERE.

Comments: The Sugarcubes were far more than just Bjork, you only have to listen to their music to know that, and yet without Bjork a key element of their chemistry and sound, would be missing.

I would imagine that I, along with many people in the UK, became aware of The Sugarcubes through John Peel's late night BBC radio show, and having listened, bought and enjoyed their music as a direct result. Their seemingly untimely conclusion was a disappointment.

However Bjorks solo debut album, built very naturally on their 'then' sound, and was very real compensation.

That said The Sugarcubes unique and adventurous sound should never be under estimated, as I am sure Bjork would continue to endorse.

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