Catatonia - Live and in Session 1998

I remember seeing Catatonia in London back in 2000, they were really entertaining, and new how to play live, this recording was therefore a pleasure to get hold of.

Performing at The Newport Centre, Gwent, in Wales, on Thursday 26th March 1998, Catatonia were on this occasion supporting Travis (Idlewild were also on the bill), nonetheless they played a full set.

Also included is material from a BBC Radio One session.

Source: FM Stereo recording.

Sound Quality: Very good mp3 @192kbps.

Genre: Indie Rock & Pop

Set: Full live performance

Set List:

International Velvet
I am the Mob
Game On
You've Got a Lot to Answer For
No Stone Unturned
Way Beyond Blue
Don't Need The Sunshine
Goldfish and Paracetamol
Mulder and Scully
Part of the Furniture
Road Rage
Jump or be Sane

BBC Radio One session:

International Velvet
Mulder and Scully
No Stone Unturned
Strange Glue
Mulder and Scully

Links: No official sites, Wikipedia with some additional links HERE. Cerys Matthews official site HERE.

Comments: The live element may have circulated as 'Land of our Fathers' on CDR, beyond that I do not know much else about this gig. There's something a little bit special about great Welsh bands playing to a Welsh audience, maybe it's a Celtic thing.

Listening to this performance I think I know who the real headline act was on the night!

Download link in comments below, or click on the picture.

Purchase: MP3's (DRM free) through - Catatonia


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