The Rezillos - BBC & WFMU Radio Sessions

Here's another example of just how many great bands have come out of Scotland.

The Rezillos formed in Edinburgh, Scotland, back in 1976, and were quickly associated with the punk and subsequent new wave movement in the UK, with their panache for short, sharp, three minute pop gems.

The band toured constantly with the likes of The Ramones and The Undertones, by 1979 it was all over.

In 2001 they reformed for a one off gig, and reignited, leading to their continuing and welcome musical presence in 2009.

Source: BBC and WFMU Radio sessions - Total Playing Time 44:43.

Sound Quality: Very good 'off air' stereo mp3 recordings @ 320 kbps

Genre: Punk, New Wave, Power Pop.

Track List:

1-6 BBC Radio Mark Lamarr Session 14th February 2009

1.Out Of This World.
2.Yesterdays Tormentor.
4.No 1 Boy.
5.I Can't Stand My Baby.
6.River Deep Mountain High.

7-8 BBC Radio Session 31st March 2006

7.No 1 Boy.
8.(My Baby Does) Good Sculptures.

9-12 WFMU Radio Session June 27th 2002

9.Can't Stand My Baby.
10.(My Baby Does) Good Sculptures.
11.Pressure Cooker.
12.Flying Saucer Attack.

13-14 BBC Radio - John Peel Session 12th December 1977

13.(My Baby Does) Good Sculptures.
14.Fight among yourselves.

Links: New Official site HERE. Wikipedia also with details of The Revillos HERE.

Comments: The majority of these sessions are from the reformed band, which are as spontaneous as the early days, however its great to include some early material from a session on the legendary John Peel show.

Download links is in comments below.

Purchase: Their latest mp3 release, No1 Boy - The Rezillos and... there's more - The Rezillos on CD


Beehive Candy said…
Two parts - just copy and paste (103mb in total).

Part One:

Part Two:

Happy Days

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I can't believe I've just stubbled across this post. Amazing. THANK YOU BIG TIME.
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this is awesome- thanks for posting it!
Just throwing in my gratuity for this post as well... Thanx
George McKeeve said…
Thank you so much - my favourite band EVER
Richy said…
excellent...thanx for the post...saw them as The Revillos @ the old Peppermint Lounge on w.45th st off Times Square back in the day and have always enjoyed them as both Rez & Rev...
shrubstik said…
Thanks - love those Rezillos !
martin41smith said…
thanx for this, one of my fav punk bands, saw them at Islington Acadmey 09 on comeback tour, it was like being back in 77! superb