Beehive Recommends - The Dustys

Working my way through this weeks music inbox I came across The Dustys for the first time. It was one of those moments that when I started listening I found my self immediately stop everything else my attention grabbed. I like those moments so thanks The Dustys!

Part of their bio states 'The Dustys began as a new direction for veterans of the DC-area garage punk scene, getting together to write fuller, more power-pop and acid rock influenced tunes. Though they’ve always been in love with classic sounds like Big Star, Badfinger, Can, and T-rex, it was a revelation to finally get a chance to merge that sweet love with the muscle of the Devil Dogs and the stoner grooves of Fu Manchu or Red Sparrowes'. and 'The Dustys sound is classic without being nostalgic, psychedelic without being pretentious--banging enough to make you dance but intricate enough to take you on a roadtrip through the desert in every song'.

I would only add that I really like what I have heard so far and hope we get to hear a whole lot more before long.

The Bravery got hold off their debut EP last year and to cut the story short The Dustys are on tour with them in the USA & Canada throughout October & November!

'Dangerous Little Signs'.

Website: MySpace.
Buy: HERE.
Tour Dates: Tumblr

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