Stereolab - Live in Liverpool & London 1999.

Sadly Stereolab have called it a day for the time being, however having been together for nineteen years the desire to take a rest and move on to new projects is understandable.

This is the band a decade ago from two different concerts both recorded by the BBC.

Tracks 1 to 5 are from a BBC Broadcast at The Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool on the 28th, October 1999. Tracks 6 to 15 are from a BBC Broadcast at The Queen Elizabeth Hall, London on the 3rd June 1999.

FM Broadcast

Sound Quality: Very good stereo mp3@224kbps

Genre: Post-rock, indie rock, ambient.

Set: Two sets (neither complete).

Set List:


1. Escape pod.
2. The free design.
3. Metronomic underground.
4. Op hop detonation.
5. Analogue rock.


6. Miss modular.
7. Escape pod.
8. The free design.
9. Analogue rock.
10. Op hop detonation.
11. Percolator.
12. Rainbow conversation.
13. People do it all the time.
14. Metronomic underground.
15. The seeming and the meaning.

Links: Official site HERE.

Comments: The wikipedia entry for Stereolab which is pretty comprehensive includes the following:

Called "one of the most fiercely independent and original groups of the Nineties", Stereolab were one of the first bands to be termed "post-rock". Their primary musical influence is 1970s krautrock, which they combine with lounge, 1960s pop, and experimental pop music. They are noted for their heavy use of vintage electronic keyboards, and their sound often overlays a repetitive "motorik" beat with female vocals sung in English or French. Stereolab often incorporate socio-political themes into their lyrics.

These two concert elements give a fine feel to the live capabilities of the exceptional Stereolab.

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