Beehive Recommends - Kittens Ablaze

Having just listened to their current album 'The Monstrous Vanguard' I have to say Kittens Ablaze deserve all the praise and recognition they have received to date.

OK here's the setting. I have some sort of virus and am running a fever. I am feeling sorry for myself, and am not really in the mood for music. If I want to hear anything it needs to be gentle and soothing, however there is an album in my inbox & I feel obliged to give at least one song a listen. Half an hour later I am still feeling groggy but am aware that some kind of tornado has just ripped through the room thanks to a six-piece indie rock band with cello, violin, guitars, bass, piano, and drumming lead singer. The energy, passion and sheer pace of this band is something else.

So in a couple of days or so from now I am quietly confident this band will be blasting from my car speakers when upbeat & loud music is back on the menu!

'Gloom Doom Buttercups'

Website: MySpace. Official.
Buy: (mp3's at amazon uk) Kittens Ablaze or CD's at Insound.

The band was formed in 2007 among six friends from diverse musical backgrounds, spanning classical, folk-punk, indie rock… and metal. The Kittens released their debut album, a five-track EP in the fall of 2007. With help from producer Nic Hard (The Bravery), the band self-released its full-length album, The Monstrous Vanguard, in early 2009. The album has propelled them to be an official showcasing artist at 2009 events such as SXSW, NXNE, CMJ, and L Magazine's Northside music festivals as well as selling out venues around New York and out on tour.

The band has received mention in Vice Magazine, Rolling Stone, New York Magazine, Paste Magazine, Oh My Rockness, Brooklyn Vegan, The Music Slut, Ear Farm, The New York Times (by Mick Jones of The Clash), and numerous other indie music magazines and blogs. They're known for their wild shows and tight sound and have been named Artist of the Month by both mtvU and The Deli Magazine, been on the cover of Starved Magazine, and, with their music video for “Strobelight,” they became one of a few unsigned bands to receive regular rotation on Vice’s internet TV channel, The Kittens currently live in Brooklyn, New York.