Curved Air - Live At The BBC - 1975 & 76.

This is Curved Air recorded live for BBC Radio One. Both performances were recorded at the Paris Theatre in London.

The 1975 session was recorded on the 31st January and the BBC transcription disc also includes a version of 'Stark Naked' however that track is missing from this boot collection, it does feature in the second live session.

The second live performance was recorded on the 21st February 1976. Some of the second sessions tracks were also included on an officially released album 'Live At The BBC', however the boot edition was lifted from one of the transcription discs which were circulated in three differing versions.

Source: Soundboard - BBC transcription discs.

Sound Quality: Very good stereo mp3@320kbps.

Genre: Prog Rock, Folk Rock.

Set: Two BBC concert Sessions

Set List:

1. Marie Antoinette
2. The Fool
3. Midnight Wire
4. Women On A One Night Stand

5. Stark Naked
6. Women On A One Night Stand
7. Young Mother
8. Kids To Blame
9. Hot and Bothered
10. The Fool

Links: Official site HERE.


Curved Air evolved out of the band Sisyphus and was named after the piece "A Rainbow in Curved Air" by contemporary composer Terry Riley.

The musicians came from quite different artistic backgrounds, classic, folk, and electronic sound, which resulted in a mixture of progressive rock, folk rock, and fusion with classical elements. Along with High Tide, It's A Beautiful Day and East of Eden, Curved Air were one of the first rock bands to feature a violin.

The officially released 'Live At The BBC' album is not widely circulated and used versions are changing hands for £50 ($60 US) plus on Amazon.

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