Stray Cats - Live In North America 1982.

Are you ready to rumble? There is nothing like a blast of rockabilly and a blues belter or two, to clear the cobwebs and the Stray Cats certainly know how to liven things up as was the case here back in the early 1980's

Now I am a little confused over the venue or even city that this gig was actually from. The silver disc boot says the band were live in Los Angeles on April 28th 1982. It's just that the song 'Rumble In Brighton' keeps on having the lyrics changed to 'Rumble in Toronto' something the audience seems to appreciate.

That aside this is one rocking concert from the band at the peak of their musical journey. It's not until 'Lonely Summer Nights' that the band slow things down a little, showing how well they could recreate 1950's rock'n'roll in differing styles.


Sound Quality: Very good stereo mp3@320kbps.

Genre: Rockabilly.

Set: Full Set.

Set List:

1. Baby Blue Eyes (4:22)
2. Double Talking Woman (3:47)
3. Rumble In Brighton (3:55)
4. Drink That Bottle Down (5:25)
5. Built For Speed (5:57)
6. Foggy Mountain Breakdown (1:42)
7. Jeanie Jeanie Jeanie (3:39)
8. Stray Cat Strut (5:38)
9. Lonely Summer Nights (3:55)
10. Rev It Up (3:08)
11. Come On Everybody (3:46)
12. Runaway Boys (5:09)
13. Oh Boy (2:41)
14. Something Else (4:24)
15. Fishnet Stockings (3:15)
16. Rock This Town (6:45)

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The group, whose style was based upon the sounds of Sun Records artists from the 1950s and heavily influenced by Bill Haley & His Comets, had little initial success in the New York music scene. When Setzer heard that there was a revival of the 1950s Teddy Boy youth subculture in England, the band moved to the UK. The band found themselves in the midst of a nascent rockabilly revival, with youth wearing drape jackets, brothel creepers and updating the 1950s look by using hairspray instead of grease to style their hair and by wearing bright, "loud" colours.

After a gig in London, Stray Cats met producer Dave Edmunds, well known as a roots rock enthusiast for his work with Rockpile and as a solo artist. Edmunds offered to work with the group, and they entered the studio to record their self-titled debut album, Stray Cats, released in England in 1981 on Arista Records. They had three hits that year with "Runaway Boys", "Rock This Town," and "Stray Cat Strut." The UK follow-up to Stray Cats, Gonna Ball, was not as well-received, providing no hits. But the combined sales of their first two albums was enough to convince EMI America to compile the best tracks from the two UK albums and issue an album (Built for Speed) in the U.S. in 1982.

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Beehive Candy said…

TRACKS 1 - 13:

TRACKS:14 - 16:


Mike - Beehive Candy
Zed said…
Hey Mike, Thanks for the great Stray Cats show! BTW - I think the "Rumble In Toronto" thing was because LA was playing Edmonton in the Hockey playoffs in April 1982. Peace, Zed.
Zed said…
Oops! Scrap that last comment. On closer listen, you can hear the announcer at the top say Toronto and Brian Setzer also says something about Toronto before the band starts playing.
Anonymous said…
Live at Massey Hall, Toronto. Canada on April 28th, 1982