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The Moody Blues - Los Angeles, USA 1983.

This is The Moody Blues recorded live in concert at the LA Forum (Los Angeles, USA) on Saturday, 3rd December, 1983, the concert was subsequently featured in full on a Westwood One broadcast first aired on the 31st December 1983.

This was part of 'The Present' USA tour that included Stevie Ray Vaughn as the opening act.

Source: FM stereo Westwood One broadcast.

Sound Quality: Good stereo MP3@160kbps.

Genre: Prog Rock, AOR, Symphonic Rock...

Set: Full concert performance.

Set List:

01. Sitting at the Wheel
02. Gemini Dream
03. Tuesday Afternoon
04. The Voice
05. Going Nowhere
06. Stepping in a Slide Zone
07. The Story in Your Eyes
08. Hole in the World/Under My Feet
09. Painted Smile/Veteran Cosmic Rocker
10. Driftwood
11. Talking Out of Turn
12. Running Water
13. Gypsy
14. Isn't Life Strange
15. Blue World
16. I'm Just a Singer (In a Rock 'n' Roll Band)
17. Nights in White Satin
18. Legend of a Mind
19. Question
20. Ride My See-Saw

Links: Official site HERE.

Comments: The band continue to…

Beehive Recommends - King Wilkie

OK it's a double header today, with a second Beehive Candy recommendation, and this is superb (I know, in my opinion).

A little record label called Casa Nueva based in Boston, USA, recently put out their first release, King Wilkie Present: The Wilkie Family Singers by the acclaimed Brooklyn-based stringband King Wilkie.

I'll quote the press release because as I listen again to the album now, this kind of summarises matters..

"It’s a cinematic concept album, consisting of songs written and recorded by the fictional, dysfunctional Wilkie family as part of a music therapy program spearheaded by the mysterious Dr. Art. This haunting backdrop is brought to life with music that draws from clattering, rustic stringband sounds, while adding more contemporary and eccentric overtones – from shimmering electric guitars to wheezing, Salvation Army brass. Special guests include Robyn Hitchcock, Peter Rowan, Abigail Washburn, Sam Parton (The Be Good Tanyas), David Bromberg, and John McEue…

Beehive Recommends - First Aid Kit

A quick update on one of my favorite new bands First Aid Kit.

The band are touring throughout August and have just launched their new website This Is First Aid Kit.

They are also recording and filming various covers following on from a very feisty version of Fleet Foxes 'Tiger Mountain Peasant Song' some months back.

You are invited to suggest songs for them to perform and can do this through their website.

So far covered are Buffy Sainte-Marie's classic 'Universal Soldier', Johnny Cash's 'Walk The Line' and most recent a version of Graham Nash's 'Simple Man'. All can be viewed and listened to over at their new site.


Tiger Mountain Peasant Song:


From the debut 'Drunken Trees' EP check out the excellent 'Cross Oceans'.

Finally if you are at an event that includes First Aid Kit on the bill, don't be surprised if they turn up elsewhere for an impromptu session this summer!

Beehive Recommends - The Dimes

I may be a little late in on The Dimes, who are based in Portland, Oregon, and made quite a splash with their 2007 debut release, The Silent Generation, getting praise and from everyone from SPIN and Magnet Magazines... to USA Today and NPR... and a ton of blogs including Large Hearted Boy, KEXP, Three Imaginary Girls, Pampelmoose and many others.

Having received some promo material back in June, I kinda lost site of this one until I decided to spend some time going through each mail, and am I pleased I listened to their 'New England' EP !

Based on real stories and events born of and around Boston, Massachusetts, the four song EP is rich with texture and a consistent pastoral thread, complete with mandolins, acoustic guitars, stomps, claps, banjos, melodicas and more pop-laden harmonies than you'll know what to do with.

The record reveals a glimpse of the latest material from The Dimes, as they wrap up a new full-length record based of the same themes, due out August 2009. Th…

Nick Lowe - Live In London 2001.

This is the second Nick Lowe concert to appear on the Beehive, this one some sixteen years later, and it's a superb concert Live at the London Palladium, back on October 14th, 2001.

Source: Soundboard

Sound Quality: Very good stereo MP3@192kbps.

Genre: Pub Rock, New Wave, from rock to country to soul to pop.

Set: Full concert performance.

Set List:

01 Intro By Robert Elms
02 Let Things Slide
03 Intro by Nick Lowe
04 What’s Shaking On The Hill
05 Half A Boy
06 Has She Got A Friend
07 Faithless Lover
08 Man I’ve Become
09 True Love Travels On A Gravel Road
10 I Live On The Battlefield
11 You Inspire Me
12 Cruel To Be Kind
13 Indian Queens
14 Let’s Stay In
15 Band Introduction
16 Wildest Dream
17 I Knew The Bride

Band Line Up:

Nick Lowe - rhythm guitar, bass guitar, vocals
Geraint Watkins - keyboards
Robert Trehern - drums
Steve Donnelly - lead guitar

Links: Official site HERE. Wikipedia piece HERE.

Comments: This concert was part of the promotion for the then new 'The Convincer' album. It contrasts dram…