2010FM - February Magazine Three

Here in the UK synth-laden electro rockers Viva City have been gaining some well earned attention and will be bringing their razor-sharp mix of catchy and gritty electro rock across the pond to the States with a number of US dates, culminating with an appearance at SXSW.

Viva City, whose signature sound is most reminiscent of a swirling mix of Depeche Mode and Prodigy, have shared the stage with the likes of Friendly Fires, Ladyhawk, Maximo Park and have collaborated with dance-house phenom Don Diablo on the banger “Audio Endlessly”. Their music has been applauded by UK critics and has garnered them extensive airplay on BBC and XFM Radio in the UK. The BBC's Radio 6 Music proclaims the songs are “a slice of classic electropop and sheer genius;” and Time Out Magazine declares their sound as “souped-up synth stabbing electro rock.”


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There second single “Have You Ever Felt So Messed Up?” will be released in the US on March 22nd, 2010. This is seriously good electro rock, so if that's your bag, ensure you check them out.

Formed in 2000 as a four track recording project, Alaskan shoegazy basement rockers The Wagner Logic, also known as James Glaves and Jeremy Wagner, are releasing their self-titled second album and follow-up to their 2007 debut release Easiest to Grab.

This is melodic with, psychedelic, and inventive lo-fi guitars blended with whispery, multi-layered vocals and pop-sensible melodies that make a sound uniquely their own, and truly hard to describe.

Self-produced in the dark basement of a small cabin in a town best known for salmon fishing and dog sledding, the songs offer dark and dysfunctional tales of heartache, regret, and loss.

Compared to Pavement and Pixies, the guys are currently working on booking a summer tour in the USA in support of the new record.

'Waiting For Snow'

Website: MySpace.

There's more to hear from the band's new album on MySpace & follow the links there to purchase tracks.

New York City’s Happy Ending are soon to release their debut album, “Turn It On,” (scheduled to release on March 5th 2010).

Carl Bishop and Michael Goodenow are the masterminds behind the indie-pop-rock group that (according to their recent press release) 'draw their inspiration from the pop savvy of Snow Patrol and Coldplay with the lyrical depth of Leonard Cohen and Steven Merritt'.

Forget the name dropping this is really good music that stands on it's own merit. I like Happy Endings (both the band and real actual happy endings) and have no problem recommending them. Indie pop & rock fans should most definitely give this band some time.

'It Barely Makes A Sound'

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“catchy, melodic indie rock with words that show a world-wise experience with hope at the end of the tunnel…” - Amazon

“These guys have taken the best of their influences and created something that feels truly original…”- iTunes

Finally we have an EP and partial taster of what may be to come from Cuckoo Chaos, and as there is a story behind this band I am gonna just copy and paste the bio for your pleasure.

'Planting was never an option for Scott Wheeler. He's been nomadic for the past decade, hopping from town to town, experiencing different scenes that piqued his interest.. But, sometimes a community just pulls you in, inspires you, and makes you want to call it home. Such was the case for Wheeler when he returned to San Diego in 2007 after stints in various places around the U.S. He immersed himself in a community of artists that embraced his artistic nature, his fluid lifestyle, and his desire to better himself as a musician. And, out of this community formed Cuckoo Chaos, a band that captures the sound of California coastlines, Liverpool alleyways, and Brooklyn bedroom echoes.

Wheeler's Cuckoo Chaos is rounded out by members of San Diego perennials The Powerchords and The Vision of a Dying World. It's clear that their fathers gave them The Byrds and The Beatles talk, but the sound of contemporaries Devendra Banhart and Luke Temple can be heard throughout each acoustic gem and jam. Acoustic guitar melodies float in the wind like the white sands of secret beaches. Wheeler's piano lines skip like smooth rocks across the surfaces of calm waters. Cuckoo Chaos' harmonies can cause the sun to rise and ignite dawn, while Wheeler's solo voice can gently put the sun to rest. The debut album from Cuckoo Chaos is the result of many late nights spinning old records and talks about journeys with no destination in mind. It is as much a collection of nostalgic beauty as it is a foray into the simple textures of eclectic songwriting'.

The debut EP 'We Are From Deerplants' is now available digitally everywhere and physically through the link below. They are currently prepping their debut full length to be released later this year. We are also told not to be thrown off by this acoustic fuzz release, the upbeat full length is most definitely a full band at work.

'Slowly Counting Down To Nothing'

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