2011Candy - October Edition

Background: Marilyn Carino is a straight up Bensonhurst, Brooklyn Sicilian-American woman, born on the mean streets of The French Connection with a corner fish shop known as a killing floor for mafia hits. Her cousin was in the CIA, her grandmother split the scene to jet-set with the queen of Spain, and her father was a real life Mad Men-esque ad exec.

Marilyn Carino’s undeniable talent and full-throttle attitude have moved her through headline performances at the iconic Blue Note jazz club in NYC, playing and recording with Mike Mills of R.E.M. and Billy Talbot of Crazy Horse, recording her first album at Neil Young’s studio, and being  hand-picked as a lyricist by legendary producers Sly and Robbie (Bob Dylan, Herbie Hancock, Grace Jones, Madonna). She has also gone beyond her records and live performances into the big bad world of television and film, with her songs “Hero of the World” and “Blown” prominently featured in the SyFy Channel series “Regenesis,” and other tracks used in the feature films "Slutty Summer," "Vampires in Venice," and "Going Down in LaLa Land."

Marilyn Carino is that rare artist who shocks but also grounds her listeners. Uncompromising, humanistic, and insightful, her music is about your life, just in a way you’ve yet to consider. “I keep trying to be brave, be totally myself. It’s sexy to care about art and excellence and the happiness of other people, and it’s important that my life and music encourage people to find those things in themselves.” She sincerely loves you all, but don’t get it twisted.

Featured Track: King Of The World. Web: Official.
2011Candy Says: The vocals are powerful, the music is sharp, the passion sets the song apart. This song is a little like a movie soundtrack but don't be fooled there is a lot more to Marilyn, consider this just one dimension.

Background: In anticipation of the Nov 8th release of their new album Welcome To Condale, Summer Camp have created a beautiful scrapbook/zine to go along with the album.

It's available on their own website right now and they've also set up a version of the zine on issuu.com.

Check more out at their own website HERE, or you take a look at the scrap book HERE.

Featured Track: Better Off Without You.
2011Candy Says: Great song, pure and simple, this is a great pop song.


Background: The ghost stories, murder ballads, and grimoires on the new full length album “If Then Not When” by Louisville, KY’s King’s Daughters and Sons are haunting, spare and at times explosively unsettling; part William Faulkner, part Led Zeppelin.  Informed by, but not beholden to the history of its members (Shipping News, Rachel’s, The For Carnation, Shannon Wright), their songs are singular, thoughtful and best heard on very large speakers.
The recording was made direct to 2 inch tape in 2008 and 2009 at The Funeral Home by Kevin Ratterman, engineer for California Guitar Trio, My Morning Jacket and Wax Fang.  Mastering by Bob Weston, Chicago Mastering Service.

The band are Kyle Crabtree - drums; Todd Cook - bass; Rachel Grimes - piano, voice; Joe Manning - guitar, voice; Michael Heineman - guitar, voice.

The music of King’s Daughters & Sons is dense, thickly layered and emotional. It can be calculated and stark, overt and loud. The band is by no means redefining music made by guitars; rather, it is offering a new talking point to the discussion. These songs live somewhere between post-rock tinkling and road music. Manning’s twangy growl blends with Heineman’s smooth tenor and Grimes’ alto to construct sublime, creative harmonies, while the oft-fingerpicked guitars tangle atop a march of drums and bass. It is a grand and dramatic soundtrack with well-placed pauses and explosions that demand patience and grace among its players, and attentiveness of its listeners.

Featured Track: Volunteer. Web: Official.
2011Candy Says: Reminds us of at least a dozen great bands of the last 10 or 20 years. Distinct music for those who like their art done in style and with a hint of uniqueness thrown in for good measure.

Background: Building on a mutual affection for all things dissonant and atonal, Mutiny Mutiny crafts noisy art rock that mines sonic territory previously explored by bands like Unwound, Sonic Youth, Jawbox, Slint and Mission of Burma. Constellation, the debut album from the Seattle-based trio brings together angular chaos and gorgeous noise in 11 songs that meld the band’s diverse musical backgrounds with a good dose of homage to the bands that they love. Since forming in late 2009, they have shared bills around Seattle with bands like Screaming Females, forgetters, Title Tracks and others.

Mutiny Mutiny’s songs are crafted from an assortment of textures, combining delicate, brooding melodies with pleasantly punishing explosions of musical clatter. Guitarist Jason Dean’s jagged riffs and bright, feathery passages dance around bassist Jenn Schmidt’s driving melodic rhythms, inspired by her background as a classically-trained cellist. Drummer Marc Mazique completes the mix by shifting between rock-steady beats, jittery rhythmic pulses, and light percussion punctuated with accentual flourishes. Vocal duties ranging from gritty snarls to delicate harmonies are shared by all three members.

Featured Track: The Damage Is Done. Web: Official.
2011Candy Says: Ensuring that visitors to Beehive Candy don't nod off when checking out the new music selection we have Mutiny Mutiny. No nonsense music for lovers of no nonsense music. Superb chorus as well. 

Background: Ed Hale and the Transcendence - All Your Heroes Become Villains is certainly titled appropriately for the times we live in. Like a shadow of today's chaotic world, "The Villains album," due out November 15th on the Dying Van Gogh Record label, is dark, moody and heavy, and yet every now and then it glimmers with hope and those catchy ear-candy melodies that fans of the band have come to love and expect.The collective, which reached up to 12 members during the recording process of their latest, weaves together their trademark post-modern rock meets Brit pop -- creating an unforgettable aural soundscape that is larger than life and will leave you humming.

It has been a fruitful time for members of the tight-knit collective: during this period the band self-released the digitally exclusive rarities collection The City of Lost Children while each member released a solo album. Hale recorded Ballad On Third Avenue, lead guitarist Fernando Perdomo formed the prog-pop group Dreaming In Stereo, and bassist Roger Houdaille released an album by the side group he formed called Ex Norwegian (also releasing their follow-up album, Sketch, on November 15th). Hale and the band worked for over a year, bringing in other musicians when needed as varied as a gospel singer, a second drummer, a Los Angeles DJ, and various horn players. The result is a mashup of sounds but highly cohesive as an album still recognizable as having "that Transcendence sound." Haunting melodies, bold sonic experimentation and Hale's richly layered and impassioned vocals all come together to create a highly memorable and moving listening experience. Sounding more like a rock musical or a concept album, the songs both musically and lyrically tie into one another seamlessly in one cohesively bold brash and powerful listen more akin to Pink Floyd or David Bowie's Diamond Dogs.

Featured Track: Blind Eye. Web: Official.
2011Candy Says: Read the above promo stuff to get Ed Hale and band in context, then engulf yourself in the fact that their is an incredible amount of new ideas on hand, that makes the band 'a tad special'.

Background: Eight Bit Tiger is an electronic dance duo from Chicago composed of the Widman brothers, Erik and Kent, and is the new side project to the brothers’ indie rock outfit Love in October. The experiment began 15 years ago when the brothers started playing music together in a bedroom in northern Sweden and has mutated into a radioactive sonic isotope.

The music is influenced by 70s funk and 80s synth-pop, taking notes from artists like Michael Jackson, while borrowing the pop sensibility of Peter, Bjorn, and John, and mixing in the dance element of bands like Daft Punk. There is also the distinct vintage pop vibe of acts like Prince, New Order, and Blondie that harkens to a different sonic era.

“There’s so much music out there that is depressing, so we wanted to make something that makes you feel good when you listen to it. That’s what the world needs right now,” says vocalist Erik Widman.

Their debut album Parallel Synchronized Randomness was primarily recorded in Eight Bit Tiger’s tiny Chicago apartment, with some additional tracking done in Toronto, ON at Chemical Sound Studio. The brothers took the approach of treating themselves as an old record, sampling themselves, creating bass and guitar loops, and overall trying to recreate the sound of decades past. The loops are glued together with rich layers of synthesizer and pumping drums, creating a unique sound that spans decades of styles.

In their live act, the Widman brothers are joined by Chris Pagnani on the drums. Eight Bit Tiger will be performing shows throughout the Midwest and East Coast in support of their new album this fall.

Featured Track: Numbers. Web: Official.
2011Candy Says: Takes us back to the eighties, whilst reminded us that good dance/electronic/pop music can be as timeless as any other genre if done to this standard.

Background: Vancouver’s Said the Whale recently announced the release of the first new music since 2009’s acclaimed full-length, Islands Disappear. On November 8, Hidden Pony Records will release the New Brighton EP, a 4-track digital EP, across North America.

The band recorded the EP this summer in addition to the album recording sessions at Blue Wave and Vertical Studios in Vancouver with longtime producer, Tom Dobrzanski. The new album, yet untitled, is being mixed by Jack Joseph Puig, a multiple Grammy Award winner who has worked with U2, Weezer and No Doubt and the official album release date has been set for release on March 6, 2012. On October 18, the first New Brighton EP track, "Lines," was released exclusively through Said the Whale’s website. The rest of the New Brighton EP tracks will follow, available digitally as of November 8th.

Featured Track: Little Bird. Web: Official.
2011Candy Says: Simple advice, if you are new to the Said The Whale, dig a little deeper, if you are a fan then buy the EP as the featured track needs all three other songs. Seriously, if this song gets your attention, we reckon you will love this band.


Background: Starting November 29th the energetic and spunky duo Loves It! will begin their tour to around 50 different cities. The group who will be touring to promote their up and coming album YAY! which will be released on December 6th, combines the genres of folk, country, Americana, and Indie Pop to create their unique sound.

With Vaughn Walters on banjo, guitar, and vocals, and Jenny Parrott on guitar, mandolin, fiddle, and vocals, their tour is sure to gain lots of attention. Although neither members are strangers to the life of touring, both having played hundreds of shows a year with their other bands, this is their first major tour as Loves It!. "We show up, meet everyone who works there, and set up and talk a bit with whoever is there. We stand up, and sing our hearts out. It's the most wonderful thing, and I always have moments where I feel blessed and privileged to have music as my job." As talented multi-instrumentalists, both Walters and Parrott were in-demand players in Austin's wide-open music scene, but their personal and musical bond slowly drew them closer. They started writing together about a year ago, and the songs they composed became the foundation of their self-produced album YAY!

"We made the album at home," Parrott says. "Vaughn was set to record with another band, but the sessions kept getting canceled. So we rented some fancy mics and started on our own record. Vaughn has always been interested in recording and engineering and he took to it like an Austin musician takes to breakfast tacos. We made the album in a week, while I busy playing shows with another band and doing pre-production for an album for yet another band. It was a busy and wonderful time."

Walters and Parrott met in their adopted hometown of Austin, Texas five years ago. Walters is originally from West Virginia and grew up listening to folk, punk and honky tonk country music. Parrott comes from New Haven, Connecticut where she fell in love with soul, swing and gospel music. "We were best friends and then we fell into the big hole of love," Parrott explains. "We're both touring musicians and we were doing 150 or 200 shows a year on opposite schedules, and we decided to see where we could go doing our own thing. Vaughn's a great singer and songwriter and easy to work with, so I thought our own band would be the ticket to fun and musical fulfillment.

Although they've only been playing as Loves It! for a year, the duo is already winning fans with their exuberant presence, sparkling harmonies and ingenious song craft. "We're looking forward to jumping on the Loves It! train full time," Parrott says. "Living in Austin has made it possible to be touring musicians, a dream that may never have gotten off the ground had we lived in a less positive, less musical town. And the breakfast tacos are the blood of life."

Featured Track: My So Called Life. Web: Official.
2011Candy Says: Keep it simple if you have the charm and talent these folk's have. Damn fine music, so catch up with them if you get the chance, either live or recorded.

Background: Recorded on vintage equipment in the heart of Sydney, Fallon Cush shares some words of wisdom, as they release their second single, "Sleeping Giant", off their self-titled album.
In "Sleeping Giant", singer and chief songwriter Steve Smith borrows from the fables we heard growing up in this modern day cautionary tale.  Hindsight is always 20/20, and it seems to be the case for Smith.  As the song progresses, he warns listeners to be careful what they wish for, as things are not always what they appear to be.  It's clear that Smith had to learn from his own mistakes of a failed relationship himself, but he also asserts that he's not dwelling on those mistakes or living on regrets, another piece of advice he has for his listeners.  The song itself, led by his warm acoustic guitar, and accompanied by Scott Alpin's soft touch on the piano, gives it all the makings of a classic pop tune.  A few more words of wisdom?  Don't miss Fallon Cush's second single off their upcoming self-titled album, due out November 1.

There is so much to love about Fallon Cush. And the results, nifty and polished though they may be, only hint at where this amalgam could go.
-Something Else! Reviews - Nick DeRiso

For fans of good old fashioned pop-rock, Fallon Cush will warm the cockles of your heart and give all music lovers genuine hope for the future.
-Power of Pop

Smith has a cadence similar to Tom Petty and/or Mike Viola and the album displays an easy-going pop jangle on most songs... A very rewarding and mesmerizing listen.

Featured Track: Sleeping Giant. Web: MySpace.
2011Candy Says: Fallon Cush do music as if they have been around for ever. We are hearing some Bob Dylan influences on this song, take that as an endorsement, we don't give out Bob awards that often!


Background: Residing in Porto, Portugal A Beta Movement recently evolved into a trio with the addition of vocalist Marcela Freitas. Her voice mirrors the salty, shore-town vibes from which it resonates. In a similar vein as Marissa Nadler but with a sweeter finish, to which guitarist Pedro Cordeiro and his rustier cadence provide a gentle complement. A Beta Movement creates atmospheric pop with a steady pulse, as though these sounds floated across the Atlantic upon a lackadaisical breeze.

A Beta Movement began with the shared goal of fusing sound and the visual experience, an annotation on human perception. Citing Max Wertheimer's famous 1912 Experimental Studies on the Seeing of Motion as a formative influence of their sound, and band name, A Beta Movement seeks to create a sense of space through perceived physically sensual encounters. "Colour Mixing System" is a flourishing, tumbling track that blossoms and withers like a leaky metamorphosis. Hypnotic with just a touch of melancholy, the track is splashed with handclaps and vibrant instrumentals, reminding us that A Beta Movement will stay true to the visual element that was their primary inspiration.

Featured Track: Colour Mixing System. Web: MySpace.
2011Candy Says: Our initial reaction was 'love the vocals and harmonies'. Played it a couple of more times and discovered some seriously good rhythms as well.

Background: The Sound: Comasoft is a pop rock band with a fuzzy keyboard fascination. Catchy hook choruses, anchored with melodic instrumentation and vocal harmonies, combine with dancey rhythms to create a bouncing sing-along party. Popular rock structure, combined with pulsing retro keyboard riffs, create a dance rock feel that still has the changes and builds of a pop rock song. The songs deal with themes like the nervous anticipation of a new love, paranoia and the recklessness of youth.

The Band: Comasoft started as Jay Ramirez, a Michigan native who moved to Chicago to form a band. Dan Evans and Jay began writing songs together soon after meeting in 2007. Chris Polinski joined after the band he was in played a show with Comasoft. Jay has played the drums since childhood and tracks most of the drums himself. Dan and Chris both play bass, guitar and keyboards, so the writing process is a culmination of ideas and parts played by whomever happens to be holding whatever instrument at any given time. Comasoft isn't just a band of talented musicians, they are best friends hoping to win over the world one listener at a time.

The Record: Burn to Shine is a 6 song EP featuring the single 10Volt. The video for the single was released in September of 2011. Each song is crafted with catchy vocal hooks and driving riffs. Powerful bridges lead to grand outtro choruses and endings.

The Mission: Comasoft hopes to reach as many people as possible with their music. they are looking to team up with the right label to push forward to new heights.

Featured Track: 10 Volt. Web: Official.
2011Candy Says: Powerful music, contrasting vocals and a energetic pulse throughout. Seems a little retro however for some reason it has clicked with the Beehive, probably because it is so cleanly mixed and to the point.


Background: October 11th  marked the debut of super-hip-chill band, Sola Rosa’s debut of “Get It Together,” in North America. Eager fans have been waiting for release at the edge of their seats.

Since the start of the 2000s, Andrew Spraggon’s first formative releases as Sola Rosa has built him a growing reputation for his deft synthesis of styles and quiet disregard for the niceties of genre boundaries. Blending a sensational mix of hip hop, reggae, jazz, latin, soul and funk, Sola Rosa will take you on a musical journey like no other.

Already big names like Baeble and Popmatters have jumped on the Sola Rosa bandwagon and premiered the group’s U.S. debut single and video for “Turn Around,” featuring singer Iva Lamkum, that will stop you dead in your tracks. Filled with funky drumbeats, sultry and smooth vocals, and brilliant bass and horns, this track is sure to get you out of your seat and dancing around the club.  The song blends a mixture of musical elements and genres, creating the perfect cocktail of melodic ecstasy.  Something that is not easy to accomplish, but Sola Rosa does it perfectly.  The rest of the album is just as amazing. Each track fills the room and takes you on a musical journey.

Andrew Spraggon brings his most ambitious project to date to the table, just in time for you to make your Year End Lists. With long time collaborators Matt Short (bass), Ben White (guitar), and Will Scott (drums), the group is joined by Spikey Tee (Jah Wobble, Mr. Scruff, Bomb the Bass), MC Serocee , Bajka and Iva Lamkum.

Featured Track: Turn Around. Web: Official.
2011Candy Says: Musically this is just superb, the vocals extend the wonderful vibe and someone has sprinkled the required amount of 'fairy dust' to make the whole thing marvelous music...


Background: Mirador is the music project of twenty-something Philadelphia resident Kyle Robinson. Kyle spent the majority of his youth planning for a career in the visual arts, and though he has since shifted his focus to music, this background is still very much apparent. Listening to Mirador is as much about what you see with your mind's eye as what you hear with your ears.

Combining the limitless instrumental palate of electronic music (soft synths and samplers) with live guitar, synth, effects pedals and percussion, Mirador build intricate worlds of sound for the listener to explore. Escapist in the best way, the music uses ambient textures and samples to conjure dense and surreal soundscapes, while using melodic themes and varied instrumentation to tell a story or take you on a journey. Another reference point could be a key line spoken by Bill Pullman in David Lynch's Lost Highway: “I like to remember things my own way. How I remembered them, not necessarily the way they happened.” The music of Mirador works in much the same way, seeking to capture in sound the sprawling, intangible essence or feeling of a time or place, in all its ineffable power and potency.

Featured Track: Dance Of The Lantern People. Web: Bandcamp.
2011Candy Says: We finish this latest new music round up with Mirador. And why not as we like to end things on a high.

Featured Tracks: