Indigo Girls - Redrocks 1994

This is the Indigo Girls recorded live at Redrocks Amphitheater Morrison, CO in the USA, and broadcast on FM radio back on the 21st June 1994. The actual concert would appear to be from 1990 or 1991 in support of the Nomads Indians Saints which was their third studio album.

The Indigo Girls are an American folk rock music duo, consisting of Amy Ray and Emily Saliers. They met in elementary school and began performing together as high school students in Decatur, Georgia, part of the Atlanta metropolitan area. They started performing with the name “Indigo Girls” as students at Emory University, performing weekly at The Dugout, a bar in the Emory Village.

They released a self-produced, full-length record album in 1987 and contracted with a major record company in 1988. After releasing nine albums with major record labels from 1988 through 2007, they have now resumed self-producing albums with their own IG Recordings company.

The Indigo Girls have toured as a duo and with a band. In 1990, they toured with the Atlanta band, the Ellen James Society, backing them; they have also toured with side players, with one distinct group from 1991 to 1998 and a second from 1999 onwards.

Amy Ray and Emily Saliers do not ordinarily collaborate in writing songs. They tend to write separately and work out the arrangements together.

Source: FM radio broadcast.

Sound Quality: Very good stereo mp3@320kbps.

Genre: Folk Rock.

Set: Broadcast set.

Set List:

1. Secure Yourself
2. World Falls
3. Hammer And A Nail
4. Loves Recovery
5. Pushing The Needle Too Far
6. Crazy Game
7. No Way To Treat A Friend
8. Southland In The Spring Time
9. Watershed
10. The Ballad Of Squeeky Fromme
11. History Of Us
12. Land Of Cannan

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Beehive Candy said…
Lauren said…
The show was June 21st, 1991. It was there first time headlining RR. (They opened for 10K Maniacs there in 1989.)
Lauren said…
Whoops! t-h-e-i-r
I know the difference. LOL