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Kate & Anna McGarrigle - Germany 1977

This is Kate & Anna McGarrigle performing live with a sizable studio audience in Cologne, Germany for WDR (TV) in Studio 'L' back on the 3rd February 1977. As was so often the case when the McGarrigle sisters performed the atmosphere was informal and homely, the singing and musicianship counted for everything as is demonstrated in this recording where the monitors were failing and the band rightly demanded better. That said with difficulty hearing themselves in the mix the actual performance was both stunning and moving. In 1975 the sisters made their first LP, Kate and Anna McGarrigle (Warner BS-2862) , which brought them critical notice and concert engagements internationally. After their London debut 25 Jul 1976 at Victoria Palace, Michael Watts in Melody Maker (31 Jul 1976) called their music 'a holy marriage of strong sentiment and brilliant, pure singing ... Anna's, lilting and airy, Kate's, deeper and fiercer - these are amongst the very best voice

The Rolling Stones - Chess Chicago 1964

This is The Rolling Stones from a five track CD released originally by bootleggers The Swinging Pig Records in Luxembourg. Entitled Chess Chicago Outtakes 1964, tracks 1,2, 3 and 5 were recorded at Chess Studios, Chicago on June 10th or 11th, 1964. Track 4 was recorded at RCA Studios, Los Angeles on either the 5th or 6th, September 1965. The producer was Andrew Oldham for all songs and the engineer was Ron Malo at Chess and Dave Hassinger at RCA. According to the Swinging Pigs cover Ian Stewart was on piano along with the full Stones line up of the time. The Rolling Stones' first US tour, in June 1964, was, in Bill Wyman's words, "a disaster". When we arrived, we didn't have a hit record (there) or anything going for us." When the band appeared on Dean Martin's TV variety show The Hollywood Palace, Martin mocked both their hair and their performance. During the tour they recorded for two days at Chess Studios in Chicago, meeting many of their most