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Rubblebucket - North Star Bar 2010.

This is Rubblebucket live at the North Star Bar, Philadelphia, PA, USA  recorded live on the 17th April, 2010. Beehive Candy featured Rubblebucket in October 2009 as a reasonably new band to checkout, this is what we had to say in part back then - It's not only my opinion that Rubblebucket are one outstanding band, Seven Days Vermont named them best band of 2008, and others have equally applauded their excellent music and live performances. Their second album (following up on last years debut 'Rose Dream') is simply titled Rubblebucket, and cutting straight to the point I absolutely love it. If all of this is sounding like an over the top plug for Rubblebucket then I apologise, it's just that they are really, really one hot outfit. As things stand the new album may become my favorite of the year OK so it's still only October however as a contender, Rubblebucket have raised the bar considerably.  In March 2010 Rubblebucket relocated to Brooklyn, NY and con

Quicksilver Messenger Service - Studio Out takes First Album

This is a selection of studio outtakes from Quicksilver Messenger Service during the recording of their first album in 1968 and probably came from founder member John Cipollina's personal archive. The first album was noted for its instrumental passages (most notably in "Gold and Silver" and "The Fool"), the album displayed the group's jam sound amidst lighter pop-oriented songs. Unlike contemporaries such as the Grateful Dead, Quicksilver's jams were highly planned as can be heard by comparing the studio versions of songs with those from bootleg live performances. Quicksilver Messenger Service are an American psychedelic rock band, formed in 1965 in San Francisco and is considered one of the leading acts on the city's psychedelic scene in the mid-to-late 1960s. Quicksilver Messenger Service gained wide popularity in the Bay Area and, through their recordings, with psychedelic rock enthusiasts around the globe and several of their albums ranked