Beirut - Austin USA 2007

This is Beirut recorded live back on March 16th 2007. This was at the KLRU studios in the communication building on the University of Texas campus, on the Austin City Limits Stage, (where they produce the TV show). The actual recording was from KEXP Seattle who re-broadcast the concert.

Beirut is an American band that was originally the solo musical project of Santa Fe native Zachary Francis Condon, and later expanded into a band. The band's first performances were in New York, in May 2006, to support the release of their debut album, Gulag Orkestar. Beirut's music combines elements of indie-rock and world music. 

Wikipedia tells us - On his return from Europe, Zachary Condon enrolled at the University of New Mexico, where he studied Portuguese and photography. Condon recorded the bulk of the material used for Gulag Orkestar by himself in his bedroom, going into the studio to finish the album with the assistance of Jeremy Barnes (Neutral Milk Hotel, A Hawk and a Hacksaw) and Heather Trost (A Hawk and a Hacksaw), who became early members of the band Beirut.

On the strength of the recordings, Condon was signed under the name of Beirut to Ba Da Bing! records, and Gulag Orkestar was given a May 2006 release. Condon recruited some friends to play the music live for the first shows in New York, and Beirut was born.

Beirut's first official music video was for the song "Elephant Gun". The second video, which was for the song "Postcards from Italy", was directed by Alma Har'el, and was released later. 2007 saw the first release of the full band with the Lon Gisland EP.

Source: FM Stereo.

Sound Quality: Very good stereo mp3 variable@188 - 200kbps. 

Genre: Balkan folk, Indie folk, Electronica.

Set: Full set.

Set List:

1. The Penalty
2. Carousels
3. After The Curtain
4. Le Moribond
5. Elephant Gun
6. A Sunday Smile
7. Untitled
8. Mount Wroclai (Idle Days)
9. Gulag Orkestar
10. Postcards from Italy
11. Brazil
12. Scenic World
13. The Canals of our City

Web: Official HERE

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Thank you very much for this Beirut show, I have a friend who is a big fan and will appreciate it very much.

Thank you for sharing.
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