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2012Candy - March's Mixed Bag

Background: As a teenager, Lauren Edman was too shy to practice her singing exercises at home, but she grew up to be a woman with the moxie to perform on Apollo Amateur Night where contestants are routinely booed offstage. Lauren’s seductively spare solo debut It’s Always the Quiet One is a prismatic and intimate self-portrait. It’s a starkly vulnerable album that peeks under the veneer of shyness and examines the inner struggles of someone courageously and coyly grappling with the societal and personal manifestations of being soft-spoken. Lauren is best known for her singing and songwriting on the track “Afterthoughts” from Sleepthief’s 2006 electronic album The Dawnseeker. At the time, she was a relatively unknown talent with a passion for trip-hop featuring ethereal but strong female vocalists. The Connecticut native moved to New York City around that time with the plan of making an album of her own music, but in the years that followed she struggled to find a balance between

March 2012 - Beehive Candy -

PLEASE - IF YOU CAN SPARE US A MINUTE OR TWO - GO TO THE TAB ABOVE - 'MARCH 2012 PLEASE READ'. *** UPDATED - 14TH MARCH 2012 *** Project Stealth - For All True Music Lovers and All Of Our Friends! Friends of Beehive Candy hopefully will read this and understand why we have taken this pretty sudden change of direction. Beehive Candy knows where it's roots are. We have grown in terms of interest and regular visits thanks to you our friends. Our focus on new music and emerging bands or artists will remain. As regards the older rarities we have featured in the recent times and the past, well we need to consider how these can be shared without upsetting those we have genuinely sought to support by cutting out the money grabbing bootleggers. Please accept that currently we cannot re-upload deleted or missing files. As Scarlett said in "Gone With The Wind" .............. (what? you don't remember, well OK then just watch this old space).

2012Candy - SXSW Preview

SXSW comes around again and Austin, Texas is well and truly on the musical map for a few days. Along with many others our inbox has been filled with a good many messages for numerous artists heading that way, this is our little selection, we could not fit everyone in, so randomly chosen from our favorites list are the following acts... Background: El Paso quintet The D.A.'s debut album You Kids!, recorded by Justin Leeah (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Conor Oberst and the Mystic River Valley Band, Girl In A Coma), is 10 tracks of pure bliss – impeccably produced pop set apart by its merging of electronic sounds, soaring trumpet and bare bones rock instruments. Each lovingly-crafted track transcends the synth-pop formula, laden with personality by odd flashes of weirdness – whether it be secretly recorded barroom banter or glitchy chirps at the end of “Big Woman." You Kids! has impressively bottled The D.A.’s live sound. Frontman Tyler Dudley has been known to hang from rafters, bar