2015 - Out Of Our Inbox - Edition One

The rules are simple, anything we like, no particular order, as and when we can, so here's our first 2015 round up, of new or very recent material received.

Chanel Samson. Chanel Samson's 'The Beginning' EP is inspired by this Californian girl's time in Liverpool, the men in her life, her friends, and one particular doomed relationship with Matthew. The track 'F U Matthew' documents the doomed love affair but it's as cheerfully upbeat and irreverent as Chanel herself. Her lyrics are biting yet playful, and her delivery is tongue in cheek and knowing, allowing her to explore the darker aspects of relationships without ever losing that Californian sunshine smile.

'The Beginning' EP was recorded and produced by Felix Hagan, lead singer and songwriter of Felix Hagan and the Family. Chanel met Felix last year and was initially drawn to his black and white striped leggings and theatrical performance, knowing immediately they'd get along well. Together they are keen to establish Circus Rock as a solid genre. Chanel says "The sound Felix brought to the EP is exactly what I wanted with rock guitar and quirky instrumentation. I used my horn players at LIPA and he recorded everything else at his studio in Manchester."

Tracks from 'The Beginning's are currently being played on radio stations across the UK, Europe and America as well as attracting positive reviews from a huge range of media outlets. Chanel also has a very large following across the north west of England as she brings some of her West Coast sparkle to Liverpool's vibrant music scene.

It's described elsewhere as quirky and Beehive Candy does get grabbed by that word, and grabbed we are.


Dar Williams. Dar Williams’ growth as an individual over her two-decade career has gone hand-in-hand with her evolution as an artist. This is perhaps best typified by the release of "Emerald," a timely and brilliant album of new songs and collaborations with friends such as Jill Sobule, Richard Thompson, Jim Lauderdale, the Milk Carton Kids, the Hooters, Lucy Wainwright Roche and her mother Suzzy Roche among others. 

Raised in Chappaqua, N.Y., Williams spent 10 years living in the thriving artistic community of Northampton, Mass., where she began to make the rounds on the coffeehouse circuit. Joan Baez, an early fan of her music, took Williams out on the road and recorded several of her songs. The rest is history. Williams most recently released a live recording celebrating the 20th Anniversary of her legendary album, "The Honesty Room.” 

In addition to being a touring artist, Williams is an author, teaches a course at Wesleyan University, and conducts annual songwriting seminars. She devotes much of her time to environmental issues and causes, and has created “Give Bees A Camp” which combines concerts and the planting of bee-friendly gardens for young campers.

From the opening chord of 'Something To Get Through' my attention was gained, maybe it's because I use a pair of Mission floor stand speakers as desktops (I kid you not) and had the volume cranked up, however I think it was probably the calibre of the music. The new album 'Emerald' is out 5th May 2015. Website HERE.


Joakim Tinderholt. Despite his relatively young age the powerhouse RnB- and Blues singer/guitarist Joakim Tinderholt is already an experienced entertainer. Oslo's blues shouter #1 is a force to be reckoned with for years to come. He is considered one of Norways finest performers of traditional RnB and Blues, and has performed with international artists such as Rick Holmstrom, Mitch Kashmar, Kid Ramos and The Delta Groove Revue. 

Nearly ten years after their first gig, at the now closed and legendary, Muddy Waters Blues Club in Oslo, Joakim Tinderholt & his band are finally ready with their debut album. Parts of the band are already experienced recording artists, recording with artists such as the late Louisiana Red and the Billy T Band. The latter has won the Norwegian Grammy Award, in the Blues category, in 2010 and 2012.

The songs on the record are a mix of new original song, and favorites from the live set. There are many and diverse inspirations, ranging from the wild Rock’n´roll of Little Richard to the intense Blues of Otis Rush and the hypnotic grooves of Bo Diddley.

This is real gutsy music and the album has been out a few weeks but is worth a mention here. Norway has produced some fine artists down the years Joakim joins the list.


Kiko Bun. From mods and skinheads with ska to punks’s love of dub, right up to jungle and dubstep, Jamaican music and sound system culture has long provided a deeply held fascination for successive generations of young Londoners. So, like so many other kids growing up in West London, its no surprise the half Panamanian, half Italian Kiko Bun grew up obsessed with reggae and hip hop, immersing himself quickly into London’s ever-thriving subculture of musicians, MCs, DJs, shops bursting with revival Studio One 7”s and the all-important sound system mixtapes imported straight from JA.

A couple of years sorting out the reggae section in Islington secondhand vinyl goldmine Flashback Records while continually singing, writing and producing demos led to last year’s ‘Sticky Situation’. A rocksteady-sampling, instantly memorable summer boombox anthem, ‘Sticky Situation’ sparked an extraordinary level of online interest, swiftly resulting in Kiko’s signing to a very natural home at Island Records last year.

Now first single proper ‘Where I’m From’ mixes this deep love of Jamaican roots music with crisp young London bass culture to create a heavyweight soundboy killer perfectly suited to rock anywhere from Bestival to any self-respecting blues dance. Produced by London’s Cadenza (The Full Hundred, Major Lazer) and Brooklyn’s Ticklah (a founder member of the Dap Kings who’s worked on everything from Amy Winehouse’s ‘Back To Black’ to the classic reggae version excursion ‘Dub Side Of The Moon’).

Beehive Candy struggles to say no to anything reggae, as you might know and when it's good then what can we do? Brings back memories of my day's in West London, I still remember having to hide the cover of Tighten Up Volume Two, when I bought the album home.


Liza Anne. Liza Anne will release TWO, the follow-up to her 2014 debut album The Colder Months, independently on May 19th. The album was recorded in Nashville with producer Zachary Dyke (COIN), and mixed/mastered by Chad Wahlbrink (Joseph LeMay, the Soil & the Sun). 

After travelling consistently over the past two years, Liza has grown as an individual, so it's only natural that her sound has expanded and evolved as well. On TWO Liza strives to find the balance between staying authentic to her folk/singer-songwriter roots, and experimenting with fuller instrumentation and layered sounds.  

Recent career highlights include: NPR Music including "Room" in the Austin 100 for her SXSW 2015 performances, a Tin Pan South appearance in Nashville with Sam Palladio (Nashville), an iTunes Music New Artist Spotlight feature of "Room," opening for FYFE in London at his Communion Music single release show, playing Moeller Mondays (Daytrotter) in Rock Island, opening for Leighton Meester (Gossip Girl) at Hotel Cafe in LA, and most recently singing in Damien Rice's choir at The Ryman Auditorium in Nashville.

I have only heard four songs by Liza Anne and on the strength of these, will be listening to the album pretty soon I hope. Website HERE.


Ainslie Wills. Melbourne Melodist Ainslie Wills has revealed her second song 'Hawaii' from 'Oh The Gold' EP due late 2015. 

'Hawaii’ is an Australian contemporary power ballad with a chorus that crashes down on you like wave dumping you to the ocean floor. Paying homage to an 80's gospel sound tinged with a Stevie Wonder inspired synth solo.

Following on from her previous single to 'Drive',  and collaborations with #1 Dads, JJJ performances, Ainslie been accruing an earnest following amongst the Australian and International music scenes.

Her independent release of her debut LP You Go Your Way, I'll Go Mine, released in 2013 received nominations for the critically acclaimed Australian Music Prize and Melbourne Music Prize and brought her brand of Neo-Folk-Rock closer to the fore, showing that Wills is an artist with integrity and longevity.

I am seriously loving this song, the web may be blamed for many things by some in the music biz, but how would I (and we) have discovered this gem from the other side of the world without it? As regards this song for me in one word, Wonderful.


Jan Hellriegel. This is Jan Hellriegel's March released video single 'For The Love Of Glory'.

This cinematic, cowboy, Middle Eastern inspired pop song explores themes of 'good' and 'bad'. Says Jan, "You can’t please everyone all the time and sometimes your actions can hurt others even if you think you are doing the right thing. The question is, what is doing the right thing?"

2015 is the 'year of the co-writes' for Hellriegel. She provided the melody and chorus for the track and handed over lyric imagery to Martin Brown. Long-time collaborator and notable NZ musician, Wayne Bell produced the track, layering sweet melodic choral vocals over the chorus, helping to relieve the listener of the damning symbolism of the preceding verses.

Daniel Denholm helped mix the song, embracing Jan's sonic vision of '1000 slaves pulling on the oars of a boat and moaning or grunting sounds'. Chris Chetland (Kog Studios) mastered the track to full clarity and sparkle.

The music video is a mélange of vintage super 8 footage of Auckland’s Western Springs Speedway and it’s social club members, filmed by Jan’s Dad in 1970. The film also features what is now known as Victoria Park Market when it used to be a panel shop.

OK so we are still playing catch up this was released in late March, it's a fine song and a really good video, that manages to be different and complement the song.


Nina K. Nina K has announced details of a new single, ‘Impossible’, which will be released by Nina K’s own label, Ninkina Recordings, on May 8th, 2015. The track is taken from her forthcoming album due for release in the fall 2015. Big voices and powerful personas has always been important. A musical home. But Nina has never been interested in being just a voice. She is a true craftswoman at heart, handling every little detail and decision in the process on her own. A 2015 version of the "DIVA" and a female music auteur, handpicking only the most suitable collaborators. This time Alex ”Lexxx” Dromgoole (Björk, Jessie Ware, Angel Haze, Madonna) as mixer, and spaced-out experimental musician and synth wizard Daniel Fagge Fagerstrom (Optic Nest, The Skull Defects) as co-producer. The result is a dreamy and experimental pop recording of flutes, harps, 90’s tambourine beats, floaty synthesizers.

In 2010, after her science fiction inspired album, “Red Leader Dream”, Nina Kinert put her artist career on ice - indefinitely.  She started lending out her writing skills and vocals to others exploring the worlds of modern disco and dance pop with acts Tomas Barfod, WhoMadeWho, Nadastrom and CMG to name a few. And in between studio sessions she took a bachelor degree in film studies. Being "on ice" turned out to be a process in itself.

Inspired by divas from her eighties/nineties childhood – Mariah Carey, Sade, Sinead O’Connor and Enya – Nina K releases the song Impossible. The song is about the difficulty of growing up without letting go of the diva-dream.

This is the final one for this round up, it's atmospheric feel just floats us along, enjoy...

"Another Out Of Our Inbox soon, enjoy!"


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