2015 - Out Of Our Inbox - Edition Two

Welcome to our second new music round up for May 2015 and we begin with Brontosaurus. The song 'Safe To Surface' came my way a few days back without very much other information. A quick listen to the song had me wanting to know more and thankfully this was followed up by more detail on the band. A quote from 'redeyeChicago' makes my life easier they described the bands music as - "Combining disparate elements of folk, chamber pop, math rock and more, it’s difficult to pick up echoes of other acts, as the band’s music is wholly its own".

Brontosaurus add more to the story -  “Wail, and we might wake the dead” warns drummer/guitarist/vocalist Nicholas Kelley midway through Brontosaurus' second album, Our Animal Ways, but with all the menacing organ, fuzz-heavy bass and ground-rumbling percussion that's carefully littered throughout the record's forty-some minutes, this is much more of a promise than a warning. Along with keyboardist/guitarist/vocalist Nicholas Papaleo, these Chicagoans aren't putting on a clinic of guitar solos or punk-rock screaming matches. Our Animal Ways is not only a testament to tension and release, birth and death, or light and darkness, but a constantly shifting arc about what happens in between, and how one begets the other.

Our Animal Ways will be released on June 9 via People Of Paper. On the strength of the song below I look forward to hearing the whole album. Website HERE.


And we quote here - Danny Darko 'is an eclectic Italian artist, DJ, musician (electric/acoustic guitar, keyboards), producer. His productions cross a wide range of EDM styles, house, deep, electro, progressive and dubstep. With a constantly evolving sound, Darko continues to experiment with and cross over into various musical genres'. 

Its fair to say the genres mentioned above do not get that much coverage on Beehive Candy, however I have to say I was really struck by just how good & how much I like the track featured below. Jova Radevska's vocals and the instrumentation from Danny Darko complement each other perfectly, a must listen I would say! Website: HERE.


Twin Graves recently released two new tracks - 'Politics' and 'Divorce'.

The promo had the following to the point words to say - After emerging last year with debut EP ‘Walk In Circles’ and singles ‘Love You To Death’ and ‘No Future’ Twin Graves return with two new tracks 'Politcs' and 'Divorce'.

Infused with 80’s post-punk romanticism and a feverish sense of rebellion 'Politics' and 'Divorce' are about beginnings and endings and most of all, change. The duo like to think of 'Politics' as their first proper love song, however there is much more to be found under the surface. It marks the beginning of something new but feeling cautious about it. In the same way, 'Divorce' is not as straight forward as it appears.  It's about being sick of someone else's blind nostalgia for something that isn't there anymore.  Divorce is about moving forward and leaving the past in the past. Twin Graves are - Jeremy Aris Polychronopoulos (vocals/guitar) and Zarah Lawless (vocals/bass/synth).

Politics does have something of a retro 80's feel to it, without the awful dated over production that cursed so many synth based songs from that era, that said it also has a fresh and vibrant feel and is worthy of a listen atleast!


OK at the beginning of April I received a concise message regarding Sean Kelly and a song called '57 Chevy' which said the following - Growing up in California, Sean Kelly split his time between Venice and Sacramento. His musical influences range from Sublime, Slightly Stoopid, Rebelution and Slick Rick, Big L, E-40 to Jeff Buckley, The Doobie Brothers and Supertramp. After learning the musical stylings of Michael Jackson, Prince and Otis Redding, Sean came up with his own style of music that incorporates the California surf and beach sound. "57 Chevy" is the follow up to the debut single "Hands In The Sky," which received airplay in the U.S., Ireland, Germany, China, South Africa, Peru and Australia.

Loads of 'names' mentioned however, it's a fine track and just as the message told me they would allow the music to do the talking, I fancy I will do the same.


Irontom next and we are advised - critically acclaimed LA art-rockers Irontom will embark on a spring tour with Awolnation and Family of the Year. Irontom have a similar sense of ecstatic energy to what Arctic Monkeys possessed early in their careers.” In the recent Guitar World premiere of their cover of the Gorillaz hit “Feel Good Inc.,” Irontom front-man Harry Hayes summarized his views on the band’s off-kilter approach: “We feel like we're progressing all the time. We’re genuinely not worried about fitting in.” Irontom’s music is something you passionately wear on your sleeve -  not dispassionately slip into your back pocket for a convenient conversation piece. According to Charlie Sheen, who makes a cameo in the “Minista” video, Irontom are “like Led Zeppelin and the Beatles had a baby, and it was raised by wolves."

Tour dates with Awolnation & Family of the Year
May 27 @ Neptune Theater, Seattle, WA
May 28 @ Commodore Room, Vancouver, BC
May 29 @ Roseland, Portland, OR
May 30 @ McDonald Theatre, Eugene, OR
June 2 @ The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA
June 3 @ House of Blues, San Diego, CA
June 5 @ Aztec Theater, San Antonio, TX
June 6 @ Diamond Ballroom, Oklahoma City, OK
June 9 @ Iron City, Birmingham, AL
June 10 @ House of Blues, New Orleans, LA
June 12 @ House of  Blues, North Myrtle Beach, SC
June 13 @ The Tabernacle, Atlanta, GA

As for the music, this is a really great track.


Finally this time around I could not leave this out even though it came our way a few weeks back. The UK's Postcards From Jeff shared the beautiful song 'Suburban Girl'.  The words that came with it say - From the windswept valleys of a very British countryside to pastel hued dreams of Hollywood darlings, Suburban Girl - the brand new track taken from the forthcoming debut album of Yorkshire producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Postcards from Jeff - further explores a love of Lynchian style, in particular, Twin Peaks’ tragic heroine Laura Palmer.

“It’s about the projection of fantasy; getting lost in the worlds of people we watch on the silver screen, obsession, glamour, and desire,” reveals Postcards From Jeff alter ego Joss Worthington. “It references being mesmerised by someone and the ideas you project onto them.

Taken from the forthcoming debut album 'Modern Language' due out in July, this is a great song to finish of this round up! Website HERE.