Another Sunday - Another Alternative Take

Michael Plunkett has this to say about his music - I have created my own style of electronic music which mixes aggressive big hitter drops with the sing along parts influenced by Southern California punk rock.

Well with a mixture like that I was curious and needed to listen and mighty pleased am I that I did. Check out the track Nick Diaz, and his Facebook page is Here.


Quoting now - JayKode’s infectious productions combine elements of trap, hip hop, and future bass, differentiated by his classically trained background. His versatility is unmatched, exemplified by a medley of remixes and originals associated with vastly different genres. Each release has gradually developed an inimitable sound known as “classical bass”. “Beehive” is the sonic representation of JayKode’s entire body of work, as well as his dedication to creating something new.

Well if you are going to call a track 'Beehive' the least we can do is give it a listen. This is a maelstrom of a number, like a mini overture, you just have to listen all the way through, wonderful.


Here we go a quoting again - Rodney Cromwell is releasing his debut LP 'Age of Anxiety' on Happy Robots Records, introducing the modern electronic lover to some epic retro future synth music.  Strongly influenced by artists such as OMD, New Order, and Kraftwerk, this music equally embraces synthpop and indiepop. It's no wonder he has gained solid support from the likes of Malcolm Holmes (OMD) and Rusty Egan (Visage, Rich Kids) on this release. Made almost entirely on vintage gear, ‘Age of Anxiety’ is an album that evokes the synthpop sound of the 70’s and 80’s while still being forward looking and sounding fresh. Krautrock rhythms combine with melodic bass lines, the chimes of toy instruments, the bleeps of antique moogs, ARPs and vintage synths, while the songs still maintain a classic pop format. 

This is a really fine album, yes there are a number of 'retro' references in the words above, however I would emphasise the 'forward looking and fresh' comments. Halfway through the year and this may well be one of my top favourites for 2015. Bandcamp HERE.


First the promo words - Los Angeles based duo, Magic Bronson, continues to make inspiring music with an almost indescribable sound. Between Matthew Lieberman’s impressive live bass and Michael Nicastro’s expressive, raspy voice, Magic Bronson has perfected something that notably stands out amongst today’s garden-variety dance and electronic tracks.

The duo is releasing a bundle of remixes, which includes satisfyingly different takes on “All Night Dog Fight (Selector Science Remix)”  “Fences (MyKill Remix)” and “Go Get It (Selector Science Remix).” In addition, the band is gearing up for the release of a brand new single - Levitate (ft. Collaj).

There is a lot of enthusiasm for this duo and no wonder, they craft high quality original material, along with their remixes. This is a stylish play again track. Website Here.