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Great Father - Coming soon - Bicentennial Blue by Great Father out on September 25, 2015. After taking a break from song writing for more than a dozen years to work full-time as a hospice social worker and found the label Exit Stencil Recordings, Brandon Stevens delivers us a meditation on the commonplace complexities of ageing---the disappointments, losses, regrets, and inevitable changes that arise as youth fades further in the rear view and middle-age unexpectedly approaches.  

The album has a decidedly overcast aesthetic, wrapped in the warm tones of nostalgia for the '70s a la Tobias Jesso Jr., and delivered from a perspective of someone who lives with loss close at hand.  At times reminiscent of Mojave 3's dream/country/folk amalgamation; at others, an Elliot Smith / Conor Oberst-like approach to lyrics and vocalisation; and at others, just approaching things straight up like Pink Floyd and letting it breathe.

Keep Great Father in mind, the featured track is just a taster and there is so much more going on within this album. Some of the words above are sombre, however this album has so much feeling and character that it is likely to be up high amongst my favourites this year. Facebook (here).


Rum Thief - Background - Rum Thief is solo artist Jot Green with support from his band,  based in Chorlton, Manchester. The project began when Green, after playing as a drummer in bands for over ten years, decided to record some songs of his own. Booking into Airtight studio in Chorlton, Manchester he performed the drums, guitars, vocals and backing vocals to produce his first EP 'Clouded Mind'. 

The titular lead track generated interest from media outlets across the north west and with the help of ex band mates and a new live drummer, Rum Thief secured some local gigs, festivals, support slots and airplay on local and national radio. 'Reach For The Weather Man' is Rum Thief's second EP and is characterised by Jot Green's keen ear for melody and his sharp observational lyrical content.

To me Rum Thief oozes 'Manchester attitude'. Energised, gritty, to the point, Jot Green sings what he is thinking and observing. His total involvement in the studio pays off. Rather than feature the title track I thought I would include 'Stitch In Time' as personally sound wise, I feel this meets somewhere in the middle of the EP, that said this is a mighty collection of songs. Facebook (here).


Tim Muddiman and The Strange - Background - Tim Muddiman and The Strange releases their second single “Rolling Stones” after a global response from the debut track “Wildwood Stone.”  Extensive worldwide radio play, international blogs and buzzing fans from the UK to Australia are sure to be hyped by this new track from where its predecessor left off.

The song has been crafted underpinning a huge bass line with a sleazy blues guitar riff, wild tremolos and an instantly catchy grunge vocal melody.   Lyrically the song explains solitude and the feelings of organic change until you’re “done and gone alone”, with only music, art, yourself and your life left. “Rolling Stones”… The B-side track is darker. It’s solemn. It has powerful melody, swampy guitar and a sparse but intense feel. The story behind this is real and deeply personal. Something the artist is not afraid to pen. Tim Muddiman is a long-time member of Gary Numan’s band as well as being an established music producer, remixer and session musician to bands like Pop Will Eat Itself and many more.

As I listen 'Rolling Stones' has this 'marching' feeling to it, something along the lines of Led Zep's 'Kashmir' although sonically quite different. I am pretty certain this song will get the attention of many and am more than pleased if Beehive Candy is a small part of the buzz.


The Sweet Lou - some words - Sweet Lou is a rock band from the northern part of Sweden, the city of Luleå. Sweet Lou came together a while back and due to band members various back grounds and influences it provides an interesting mix in the sound of Sweet Lou, having Mattias on guitar and vocals, Andreas on drums, Joakim on guitar and Simon on bass.Down the muddy road is about hope and despair. About making up your own answers, telling the oracles and know-it-alls to xxxx off and chasing whatever keeps your blood warm.

This is a belting rock track. As it's a while since we have featured something that might loosely be called classic rock, lets here your wild applause for The Sweet Lou and 'Down The Muddy Road'. This surfaced around a month ago, their Facebook (here).