Sundays Alternative Take - Less Is More

Nick Artic - Melodia.

A little of his Bio - After years of exploring the house scene as part of the crowd, the swift transformation from music junkie into a professional player in the game of electronic dance music seemed imminent for Dutch DJ and producer Nick Schoonheim. With the night lights luring, the DJ decks calling and the urge to create his own sounds growing rapidly, he adapted the Nick Artic moniker and set out on a mission. This rookie is more than ready to storm the world and conquer it bit by bit – one beat at a time.

If tropical house is intended to transport us to some far away sun drenched Caribbean Island, then the tune 'Melodia' has cracked it. What's more it's available as a free download!


COMMAND Q - Dolphin.

Background - COMMAND Q aren't your typical dance duo and they're definitely not making typical dance music. The two musicians currently teach classical percussion in Western Australia, but when the school day is over the guys return to their studio to produce electronic music that they describe as "a listening journey into an eclectic sound scape of worldly percussion, heavy bass, wild animals, and strange choons." Listen to their latest single, "Dolphin", released 17th August on Skrillex's free-release imprint, NEST, and you'll understand exactly what they meanActual dolphin calls and splashing water samples are used throughout the track (NOTE: No dolphins were harmed in the making).

Unique, intriguing, exciting and awash with variety of changes, not to mention a barrage of effects. Definitely not your typical dance duo.


Landside - Landside Pt I.

Background - Landside is the first collaboration between Italian producers Hunter/Game and Icelandic duo Kúra. Kúra’s electronic dub work and Hunter/Game’s techno and house roots form deep, melancholic ambient music with an intense central groove, as Fanney Osk’s vocals interweave with melodic synths. Landside Part 1 is a visionary journey into ranges of uncharted soundscapes, merging abstract atmosphere with boundless emotion. Max Cooper’s remix of “Still There” is an eclectic vision of a deep flow, with vocals floating over a strong, dark baseline. Benjamin Damage’s remix of “Silence Before the Storm” is a straight techno tool, digging groove lines into ambient melodies and mellow vocals.

Contrasting styles and backgrounds combine to provide some atmospheric and very cool tracks. Fanney Osk's vocals provide the final part of these enjoyable works.