Wednesdays Subtle Twist of Genres

CJ Hooper - By My Side.

Promo words - CJ Hooper is more than just an independent singer-songwriter blessed with oodles of talent, he’s also possibly Australia’s most unknown and understated. By My Side is the first official independent release from the acoustic based Sydney solo artist who plays multiple instruments and delivers distinctive vocal harmonies and falsetto. By My Side was recorded in Sydney at Stereo Missile Recordings with the help of well renowned producer and engineer Steve Peach.

“By My Side is a smokey, atmospheric journey that I loved working on. The acoustic guitars are hypnotic, the vocals are smooth, and the songwriting is top notch. Highly recommended!" – Steve Peach, Missile Recordings, Sydney.

‘It’s an uncomplicated love ballad in appreciation of having someone really special to share life’s journey. Not everyday is perfect, but sharing it with your soul mate is pretty close to it”, says CJ Hooper

Currently recording a new album set to be released in 2016, you may see CJ Hooper playing in a corner at your local bar over the next 12 months as he unleashes his repertoire of songs. Expect to hear more from this solo independent artist who’s inspiring and personal music is destined to connect with audiences.

Calm, collected and yes perhaps understated. For those in need of something a little more gentle and with distinctive vocals, I would suggest CJ Hooper and this tender song.


The Main Squeeze - Angelus.

Promo words - Chicago-based rock n’ roll-funk band, The Main Squeeze, who just dropped their new single "Angelus.", the track is from their upcoming sophomore album, Mind Your Head which was produced by former American Idol judge, Randy Jackson.

The five-piece, consisting of Corey Frye (vocals), Max Newman (guitar), Ben “Smiley” Silverstein (keyboards), Reuben Gingrich (drums) and Jeremiah Hunt (bass), found its roots in Bloomington, Indiana’s live music scene back in 2010. The band refined their sound with local shows before touring over 160 dates nationally in 2014. They’ve performed at some of the country’s biggest festivals, including Bonnaroo, Electric Forest, Summer camp and Gathering of The Vibes. In addition, they were hand selected to play the Rolling Stone Super Bowl XLVI Pre-Party and won the Venetian Macau international battle of the bands in China in 2012.

Vintage soul fans will love this. Everything about this song is classic soul at it's finest and what's more, it's happening now! A modern classic and no less.


Mieke - Sleeping Alone.

Mieke tells us - I needed to make something honest and raw. Something strange and vulnerable. Something thoughtful and free. Something that was authentic to where I'm at. For this EP I worked with Don Kerr and Howie Beck (Feist, Hayden, Bahamas), people I trust. Don records out of his house so we did the vocals in his dining room and the instruments in his basement. That let me fully connect with the feeling I had wherever I wrote the songs- in Toronto, in Tokyo, in my small town high school, or in London- and to go back to that moment.

I grew up in a forest in Ontario and spent much of my childhood wandering around out there recording songs on my little tape player. I’d mail them to radio stations with my autographed school picture and then listen eagerly to the radio expecting to hear them.

I've played shows for many years, but when I finished university I needed to make money somehow to focus on music. When I found out modelling could be a decent part time job, I started modelling and acting part time. Whenever I travel to make music or model, I learn more about myself as an artist. These songs were largely written on these travels- in Tokyo, London, New York, and LA. Everywhere I go changes me and helps me grow as an artist and a human. :)

Oh this is a really charming song. Making a song that is personal and yet not indulgent is a craft within itself. Excellent vocals and really fine production make it quite special.


Instanika - Vroom Vroom.

What they say - We are a band that hales out of Toronto Ontario: Carlo Rubino lead vocals, Joe Porier guitar, Gordemsons drums, Micheal Kendel keyboard, produced at Micheal Kendel Studio, in Toronto.

Carlo and Joe got together with Gord to put together the 10-song album. Carlo Rubino had the lyrics and put the music melodies with guitar players Joe and Gord. Mike added his keyboard and Procussion experties after went into their studio to start recording the album Moonrain.

Carlo met Joe Porier at Joes job giving guitar lessons, Carlo approached him with his songs and Joe thought they are worth recording and we started to get together with writing sessions the really worked well, this song came easily to Joe to write the guitar parts and structure.

We played a couple gigs at the velvet underground looking for more gigs to perform around the city and eventually get tour someday. We are currently recording another 10 album, which will be completed next year, and getting distribution starting in America through Zoran distribution looking forward to it.

Well this new music round up has been far to gentle. Fixing that are Instanika and the gritty Vroom Vroom. It's a little rough around the edges, has a live feel and just grooves along fine. An antidote for tedium.