Chris and Carla - Paradiso, Holland 2007 (Internet Archive).

From the Internet Archive this is Chris and Carla recorded live back on March 12th 2007, at The Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I am sure that most reading this will know that Chris and Carla is a side project by the pair who are part of the band The Walkabouts. Carla Torgerson and Chris Eckman met and began playing music together in 1983 while attending Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington.

In 1984 they moved to Seattle, and the band (The Walkabouts) was born when they joined forces with Chris' two younger brothers, drummer Grant and bassist Curt. The Eckman brothers had been playing in various punk rock and pop groups during their college years, and Carla came from a folk and street singing background. The band took their name from Nicolas Roeg's cult film, Walkabout.

As can be seen form the following piece from Wikipedia Chris and Carla have been extremely active musicians down the years - Eckman and Torgerson have also released albums as side projects under the name "Chris & Carla" and as solo artists. Carla Torgerson has worked with Greek musician Akis Boyatzis and his band Sigmatropic on their album 16 Haiku & Other Stories (2001). Later Torgerson has released a solo album Saint Stranger (2004) with help of Akis Boyatzis. Chris Eckman has worked in 1996-2003 with Norvegian band Midnight Choir and teamed with Al DeLoner of Midnight Choir in Electronica-project called "Höst" for an album The Damage Suite (2001). Also Eckman has worked in recent years with Willard Grant Conspiracy on the albums Regard The End and Let It Roll, as well as with The Bambi Molesters. Eckman is also a member of the trio Dirtmusic along with Chris Brokaw and Hugo Race and he has worked with the band Tamikrest from Mali. These two acts toured Europe as a double bill in the spring of 2010. Eckman has also worked with Tosca (band) on projects including the song "John Lee Huber", and with Rupert Huber of Tosca (band) on the album "L/O/N/G".

Recording Technical Details:  Soundboard - Edirol R09 (WAV 24 bit / 44.1 KHz mode) - Adobe Audition 2.0 (remastering and downmix to 16 bit mode) - CDWAV.

Sound Quality: Excellent soundboard.

Set List:

01. Acetylene
02. The Stopping-Off Place
03. Taking Leave Of Our Senses
04. At The Twilight's Last Gleaming
05. Black Rope Tied
06. Long Slow River
07. The Light Will Stay On
08. Jack Candy
09. Things We Should Have Known
10. Raise Them Hands
11. Whatever It Takes
12. Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone
13. New Love Ends
14. Fly High Brave Dreamers
15. Soundcheck Snippets
- Raise Them Hands
- Long Time Here
- Before This City Wakes

Chris Eckman - electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals.
Carla Torgerson - electric guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboard, vocals.

Website: The Walkabouts Facebook - Here.

Comments: There are FLAC, Ogg Vorbis and mp3 files along with the streaming material over at the Internet Archive (here).

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