'Young Hearts Run Free' - Kirsten Izer - Jennifer Budd

Kirsten Izer - Wave.

Background, promo and plaudits from others - 19 year old indie alternative-pop singer, Kirsten Izer, announces the release of her debut EP, What If This Is It?, which is set to drop on September 25, 2015. Every track on the EP is written, performed and produced by the singer/songwriter, whose “style is wild and free while adding a distinctive note of extravaganza to a familiar pop formula” (Nothing But Hope and Passion).

After graduating high school, the NJ-based singer/songwriter decided to hold off on college so she could continue writing songs and begin a career in music. However, giving into to the pressure of society, she held off on making her own music and began working for other musicians full-time at the young age of 18 years old. After a stressful year of pretending to be an adult, Izer decided to finally quit her job, start being a teenager, and more importantly, start making music for herself. The EP features Izer’s single, “Wave,” with “fuzzed-out guitars [that] mesh impeccably with effervescent melodies” and “a wonderful chorus that you can’t get out of your head” (PopMatters). She recently went wide with her first single, “Burning Out,” which was praised by The Revue, who said she has an “innate ability to channel her deepest emotions and fears not only through her words but the power of her guitar.” The track topped charts on music platforms such as Tradiio and Veromuse as well. 

“It is rare to hear a voice with character that instantly engages you” and Izer’s lo-fi recordings “feel a bit like demos but the raw nature only enhance the listening experience” (American Pancake). Her debut EP, What If This Is It?, is set to be released on September 25, 2015 and she will be touring in support next fall.

So lets just add that Beehive Candy reckons 'Wave' to be full of wonderfully raw, simplistic and indie rock/pop meets 80's new wave beauty. The EP is a must have.


Jennifer Budd - Don't Even.

Bio and words from Jennifer - Growing up in Ontario, Canada, I fell in love with music early on. My mother, was a church singer who raised me on musicals and folk legends. I went to countless theatre camps mostly at the world-known Shakespeare Festival Theatre. At age fourteen, I began song writing. Today I release my first single/video called "Don't Even".

The video represents a disconnect within a relationship, an unfolding and refolding of events. The tension is piercing as the couple acts out their frustration. Pieces brake and get put back together just to fall apart again.

My time spent in University, in Nashville and with my new producer Michael Keire made this project possible. It reinforced my groundings in folk music while expanding my interest in neo-soul & R&B. Can't wait to share my debut record entitled "Lip Service" out November 13th. For now, I hope you like the video! 

The video is on our 'BeeVids' page, musically this is a strong debut track, part anthem and part story, the song is not reliant on a video to convey the passion but none the less, this adds to the interest.