Singers & Songwriters: Mike Wilde - Rebecca Everett

Mike Wilde - Another Place.

Background and quote - ‘Another Place’ is the debut Single from Singer/Songwriter Mike Wilde. An accomplished multi–instrumentalist and live performer, Mike Wilde spent time in Australia and on the road in Europe as a touring musician learning his craft before embarking on a career as a solo artist. 

In the 90's Wilde performed on vocals and bass with Sydney band PLUS, releasing 2 EP's. The band made a number of TV appearances, including popular TV export "Home and Away." 

Evolving from modern funk into earthy singer-songwriter, his current works reflect the individual and shared experience of returning to country, of coming home. A gifted lyricist and vocalist, Wilde’s music resonates with contemporary adult experience, with a heightened sense of performance earned through years of playing live in Australia and Europe. 

Another Place has a spooky ‘70’s storyteller vibe to it. A classic, folk “love gone wrong” narrative with crystal clear vocals. The track is offset by simple percussion and choral backing vocals that rise to an orchestral crescendo aided by some blistering guitar work before ending hauntingly, just as it began. Vocals, guitars, bass and percussion were recorded by Mike Wilde himself, additional percussion by Ian V. Jones. The track was mixed by Ian V. Jones and Mike Wilde and was mastered by Don Bartley. 

‘I was recording some live takes of my songs on vocals and acoustic guitar at home and when I came back and listened to ‘Another Place’ I could hear other sounds in my head that needed to be there on the recording. So I added the tambourine, and then the bass and the song just grew really organically from there.’ - Mike Wilde.

This is a superb debut single. Mike has a voice that resonates and matches the musicianship beautifully. The expression 'timeless' is in my opinion appropriate, and my own comparisons would be Gordon Lightfoot and perhaps a stripped back Al Stewart. Can't disagree with the 'promo' words above.


Rebecca Everett - Sting Of A Kiss.

Words from Rebecca - Recording is a delicate and wonderful challenge. Sometimes you get lucky...the earth sighs, the sky cracks open and the universe echoes in approval. This project feels like one of those moments. 

It's doubtful that any of this album could exist without periods of the obscurity and loss of faith, for we have to let our former stage of faith die to move onto the next.

I think the fear of death arises because we have been programmed to believe we are an object. The creation of this album came from being in a space between loss and faith, a meditation that brings deep, dark hidden mysteries up to the surface to look at. 

The album describes and shows my struggles with these and other ideologies. The newly released single "Sting of a Kiss" is off of the Seven Shades album out on October 2nd.

Some personal and reflective opinions from Rebecca above, and not surprisingly the featured song matches some of those sentiments. The single builds with both feeling and passion, its perhaps a little insight into the composers mind, at a point in time. It's also one fine song.