Alternative Take: Zaflon - Colder

Zaflon - Nightmare Division (feat. Gilan-Music).

Background - An ambient and sinister down tempo, LDP 1 is the debut EP from South London innovator Zaflon. Two songs featuring Zaflon’s latest collaborator Gilan_Music among the cyclonic sub-bass, abstracted guitars, harmonic piano and crooked percussive breaks.

The featured track is described as follows - ‘Nightmare Division’ (feat Gilan_Music) – is the first of two tracks featuring Gilan (both the low male vocal and high female vocal are sung by her). “This track uses a lot of samples of river noises that I recorded on the Thames riverbank, including the hull of a big old barge being hit with a stick. There are flies, doors and breaking watermelons in there, too, among plenty of other things. Abstracted guitars and an outro consisting of an old piano and a 909 drum machine play out as a modern nocturne. The river driftwood vibe is a theme that runs throughout LDP 1.” 

'Nightmare Division' is the second of four tracks on LDP1. You can stream the entire EP as one piece (here). I can't really add much to the description above, the sheer amount of work and attention to detail that runs throughout the EP, makes this a must hear for anyone, with a liking for trip-hop or down tempo ambient music.


Colder - Your Kind (Kasper Bjørke Remix).

Background - Following the digital release of “Many Colours”, Colder keeps digging on his post-punk approach to the contemporary electronic scene, using the raw material of his long awaited third album to come up with a remix EP for lead single “Your Kind”, and a limited edition vinyl of the album featuring unreleased B-sides. Including four guest artists from different horizons and a remix from Colder himself, the Remix EP of “your Kind” manages to blend in a various mix of influences with great results:

Influenced by the new wave and krautrock scenes, Kasper Bjørke seemed like a match made in heaven for the remix of a Colder song. With his take on “Your Kind”, the versatile Danish producer chose to put an emphasis in of the late 70’s influences already distinctive in Colder’s music. The result is a minimalistic song filled with troubling, addictive beats, making you reach for the replay button instinctively.

Featuring Matias Aguayo, Kasper Bjørke, Barney Khan, The Left Hand Path and an exclusive club mix by Colder himself. 

The sheer level of difference and interpretation between each remix on this EP is remarkable. My natural liking for Krautrock made the Kasper Bjorke remix an instant favourite for me. Can't argue with the description above, however the other versions are equally worth checking out.