Monday Double Up: Twin Ages - Sophie and The Bom Boms

Twin Ages - Outlaws.

Background promo - Formed in Melbourne’s inner South East, from the ashes of original angry, young band Junk and Jill, that featured various musicians and produced a couple of independent releases, Twin Ages has come a long way conquering everything you could throw at a band, from a broken hand in a broken down van to dating every Yoko in Melbourne. 

Their passion is now supported by an arsenal of stories presented to you in the form of cut throat rock and blues. Twin Ages have played some of Melbourne’s most prestigious venues, (Espy, Cherry Bar, The Vineyard, The Hi- Fi Bar, The Brunswick hotel, Revolver, etc, etc) to large crowds. The unique sound these guys produce is unlike anything else coming out of this generation, combining a throwback to traditional Blues, a lot of rock and even some heavy undertones. Their style is one of a kind and marks them for future fortunes. ‘Sabertooth’, their 2nd release is already receiving airplay in Melbourne, and the new stripped back 3 piece line up is, “the best they’ve ever sounded” according to their fans. Twin Ages pedigree is formidable, featuring two sons of Melbourne’s legendary Blues Band from the 80’s and 90’s. “Outlaws” by Twin Ages will be released 15th of January 2016. 

'Outlaws' has all the guts and swagger of The Black Crowes, back in their early days. Add to that the potency of a three piece band, one that knows how to mix rock and blues, and you arrive with Twin Ages. This is seriously one fine rock'n'roll tune.


Sophie and The Bom Boms - Big Girls.

Background promo - If you’re not familiar with Sophie Stern, the Los Angeles native is a former pop songwriter that was signed to Dr. Luke’s camp. After spending a few years writing for some huge names, she decided to launch her own project, inspired by everyone from Erykah Badu to Tom Tom Club. Also, her father is a famous actor that had a huge role in one of the best holiday movies ever..(Stern…)

For her forthcoming EP, Sophie collaborated with two amazing producers - David Elevator (won three Grammy’s for his songwriting/production work on Beck’s “Morning Phase”) and Dan Dare (Marina and the Diamonds, Charlie XCX and MIA). The result is an exciting, innovative, fun new sound. “Big Girls” sets it off.

'Big Girls' is a nice slice of punchy indie pop. It's bright and it's fun, with a funky bass line driving the whole thing along.