Stella Diana - Shohet. (From The EP Alhena)

Stella Diana - Shohet.

And the promo says - Stella Diana have confirmed details for the international release of their vast, compelling EP ‘Alhena’, which will be available through Italy's Vipchoyo Sound Factory and Britain's Raphalite Records on December 4th. The first single ‘Shohet’ foreshadows a release full of melodic gems. Tracks spirit you into a state of bliss, underpinned with a harmonic complexity that both beguiles and entrances. Welcome to your new favourite Italian band.

Stella Diana are Dario Torre (vocals and guitar), Giacomo Salzano (bass guitar), Raffaele Bocchetti (guitar), and Davide Fusco (drums). This EP was mixed and mastered by Marc Joy of Lights That Change and Alexander Kretov of Ummagma. 

Hailing from a city more known for pizza and opera than shoegaze and new wave addicts, Stella Diana possess not only the spirit of late 80s/early 90s British bands like Catherine Wheel and Ride, but also the dark wave seeds of Joy Division and the stylistic underpinnings of new wave artists like Psychedelic Furs and The Chameleons, all of whom number among the band's influences. Others include Pale Saints, Lush, The Stone Roses, Codeine, Christian Death, and Talk Talk.

Since their inception in 1998, Stella Diana has gradually become recognized by the Italian press as one of the best shoegaze bands in the country with their intricate, brooding and textured mix of shoegaze, post-punk, dreampop and new wave. They have managed to grow a sizeable international following despite singing entirely in Italian – an unprecedented achievement for an Italian indie band in these respective genres.

I am really impressed with Stella Daina's EP 'Alhena'. 'Shohet' is probably the most intense of the five tracks which includes a fascinating cover version of Kula Shaker's 'Govinda'. The band sing in their native tongue, which for me adds to the intrigue, and enables them to perform truly from the heart.