Four More: Fleurie - Kroy - Bridges and Powerlines - 88 Palms

Fleurie - Soldier.

Background promo - Nashville alternative artist Fleurie has announced the release of her new album, Love And War. The album will be available to purchase and stream at all digital outlets when it releases on September 19.

This eight-song release features four new songs, and four previously released tracks which have received considerable TV/film attention. "Soldier" was used in the international film trailer for Concussion starring Will Smith, "Hurts Like Hell" can be heard in MTV's Scream, and she's had multiple placements on CW's The Originals with "Breathe" and "Sirens." The four new songs on Love And War have also been written with TV/film in mind, and that focus can be heard in each track's lush, orchestral, and cinematic soundscape.

In addition to releasing Love And War, Fleurie will also support hip-hop artist NF on tour this fall. Her direct support slot begins on September 20 and and will feature songs from Love And War as well as her critically acclaimed EP, Arrows.

'Soldier' is typical of the quality, imagination and thought that Fleurie consistently puts into her music. This is one of eight songs on the new album, and for me it is her best work yet. Atmosphere, melodic themes and her own fine vocals shine through across the collection - wonderful.


Kroy - Bones.

Background - Camille Poliquin believes that she was born out of melancholy. You probably know her best as one-half of Milk & Bone, the Montreal-based duo that makes minimalist music that sounds so pretty, it could almost bring you to tears. With her solo project Kroy, Poliquin has embarked on an artistic journey to fully explore her deepest, darkest fears.

Unsurprisingly, given Poliquin’s alleged birthplace, Koy’s latest single “Bones” is oozing with melancholy. Every time the whirlwind of synths crescendos, her fragile voice practically floats through the speakers. It’s almost like a quiet storm that sweeps through unexpectedly and destroys everything in its path, but you want to follow it anyway.

Poliquin explained why the song is very personal to her: “It’s about a relationship that was only possible in the sunlight but always behind closed doors. I just felt so helpless. I just wanted to be able to wake up with the other person at least once you know?” Kroy’s debut EP Scavenger is out on September 23 via Honeymoon (U.S.) and Dare To Care (Canada). 

'Bones' is a contrast of Camille's softer and tuneful vocals, against a more expansive electro soundtrack. The melody, and charm is there all the way through, however the hooks may well have got to you a few seconds in.


Bridges and Powerlines - National Fantasy.

Background - Perfectionism comes at a price. Bridges and Powerlines spent two years completing their new LP National Fantasy, building a professional recording studio in the cellar of an NYC brownstone to indulge in obsessive studio craft. To further complicate matters, during the creation of the album, the band built and opened Gold Sounds, a live music venue in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. The studio and venue are now commercially successful entities, and the band has refocused on the stimulus for these projects, recording and performing music.

The band began production of National Fantasy in 2014, recording rhythm tracks in the expansive warehouse space of Room 17 studios in Williamsburg, Brooklyn before moving to their newly constructed studio in Harlem. Longtime producer Kieran Kelley (known best for his work on Sufjan Stephens’ ‘Illinois’) was an integral team member for the process, and he went on to mix the album as well. Mattie Safer, of indie dance titans The Rapture, contributed backing vocals on the album, including the title track and lead single, National Fantasy.

The story of Bridges and Powerlines goes back to 2006, when the members met and realized a common love for both harmony-laden three-minute pop songs and the angular indie rock of 90s college radio bands like Guided by Voices and the Archers of Loaf. This union produced a critically acclaimed debut EP, described as "an exhilarating racket," (sixeyes) and "a taught example of why [Bridges and Powerlines] should be added to your list of bands to watch." ( The success of their EP attracted producer Chris Zane (Passion Pit, The Walkmen, White Rabbits), and the band spent much of 2007 writing and recording their debut album Ghost Types. The album received favorable nods in multiple influential outlets from Pitchfork (“Now that’s power”) to Yahoo Music (“Incontrovertibly fun”). The lead singles from that record, “Uncalibrated,” and from their self-titled debut EP in 2006, “Carmen,” have been downloaded over 100,000 times.

These records were followed by several successful tours including regular appearances at SXSW at CMJ. Bridges and Powerlines has also played shows supporting friends The Antlers as well as Clues, Anathallo, Women, HEALTH, Chappo, Drink up Buttercup, Margot and the Nuclear So and Sos, +/- and many others. Their newest record, National Fantasy, will be released on 10.7.2016 on Devise Records.

'National Fantasy' is a fine song from an equally good album. It is the title track, and one of twelve songs that take the listener in a variety of directions that gently drift across genres with ease. The care and attention is evident within each song, this clearly has been a labour of love. It might be indie or alt rock or pop, what it definitely is, - is a really good listen.


 88 Palms - Bright Lights.

Background - Grown from a mutual love of vintage synthesisers, classic disco, and house, New York based 88 Palms is the newly-formed duo of producer and keyboardist Morgan Wiley (of Midnight Magic, ex Hercules & Love Affair) and singer and DJ Ria Bouttier realizing their tropical disco dreams. Today the disco house outfit launches their debut music video for their single“Bright Lights". The stunning cinematic visuals capture New York’s sultry August mood with retro-futurism then an arthouse action-noir, with late-night motorcycle rides, neon reflections and mirror balls spinning in time with hazy discotheque beats.

Having both DJ’d in various New York clubs, 88 Palms is equally at home at a daytime poolside show oozing decadent downtempo, or in the pounding 808 kicks of an underground warehouse party. Hailing from the deserts of Las Vegas and Utah, as well as Los Angeles, 88 Palms brings together spacious sonic landscapes of the West with the tight production sounds of classic New York dance music.

'Bright Lights' has a deep synth laden soundtrack and a powerful rhythmic beat that compliment the delightfully soothing vocals. There is a classic dance feel and the video plays to this, in what is an equally modern feeling song, clearly loving it's retro heritage.