Genre Wander: Hidden Stash - Jesse Mac Cormack - Terry Malts - I Grow Paper Wings

Hidden Stash - Chasing Sunsets.

Background promo - Hidden Stash is a new 6-piece roots rock band led by emerging songwriter Michael Gray offering up rock, pop, blues, soul, C&W and folk with a retro twist. Their debut album Mixed Cassette Tape is a 70’s inspired rock album that takes listeners back in time when people used to listen to albums from start to finish.

Mixed Cassette Tape is expertly co-produced and arranged by Derek Downham (The Beauties), and features Divine Brown, Damhnait Doyle, Shelley Coopersmith, Denis Keldie, Jim Bish, Russ Boswell and a sizzling duet with rising roots n’ roll singer Samantha Martin.

Being the son of Jerry Gray, the legendary folk musician who was a founding member of The Travellers and the brother of James Gray who served more than 13 years’ in Blue Rodeo, Gray grew up surrounded by music.  The band name Hidden Stash comes from the idea that he has kept this hidden stash of songs that he wrote for years and is now ready to reveal them to the world.

A stand out track “Chasing Sunsets” features Juno award winning vocalist Divine Brown with a personal story about finding yourself and chasing your dreams.  “Wasted” is about an executive who’s on the road chasing his next fix.  “I had written it with a Little Feat kind of vibe,” says Gray, “then Derek created this really great acoustic slide riff at the top, and turned it into a funky New Orleans tune.” “Are You With Me?” has special meaning to Gray as it was his wedding song that he had written for his wife.  The talented Samantha Martin joins him for a powerful duet.

The official Hidden Stash CD release party will take place September 19th in Toronto along with the annual James Gray Tribute Concert to benefit SHINE!.  Performers include a reunited local legends Vital Sines, featuring Glenn Milchem from Blue Rodeo, Heather Morgan, Brainfudge, Chris Staig, Jerry Gray of The Travellers, Nichol Robertson, Southern Sky, Hidden Stash and more. Event Details: Doors Open: 6:30PM, Hidden Stash 7:30PM, Benefit Concert 9PM At Lula Lounge 1585 Dundas West, Toronto, Ontario M6K1T9.

'Mixed Cassette Tape' may have something of a retro feel, however each song has a crisp freshness to it as typified by the featured song 'Chasing Sunsets'. The musicianship is first class and the vocals add some heart to the album. It's another case of like the song, then you'll love the album.


Jesse Mac Cormack - Never Enough.

Background - Jesse Mac Cormack is a Montreal born and raised musician. Radiating warmth and soul, Mac Cormack’s music exposes tension and resolution’s shared core, undressing the complexities of conflict. Guided by increasingly complex arrangements, rhythmic progressions within both the acoustic and electric realm, Mac Cormack’s impassioned vocals belie their owner’s youth. Recording all of his music in his home studio, Mac Cormack has achieved a sound that is intimate and raw, both smooth and coarse.

The brand new video from Jesse Mac Cormac for 'Never Enough' was shot completely on a whim while jesse was touring through the US with Half Moon Run and they passed through Slab City, an ex military base, which is now claimed to be "the last free place on earth" as a result of lack of policing and governance.

There is no cast, it's completely unscripted. It was result of a boombox and some fireworks. The people in the clip just reacted to the music... it's beautiful! Jesse's forthcoming EP, After The Glow is out September 16th. 

'Never Enough' is one of five tracks on the forthcoming EP, which I guess can loosely be described as alt rock. The video is both creative and fits so well with the song. The EP takes things a whole lot further musically sometimes a little darker in feel, but always, so very natural and defined.


Terry Malts - Seen Everything.

Background - SF punk trio announce their third LP, 'Lost At The Party,' out October 14 via Slumberland Records. 'Lost At The Party,' is a long time coming, 3 years to be precise. But the time was spent well. Between stints of touring and local shows, Bassist/vocalist Phil Benson and guitarist/vocalist Corey Cunningham wrote and re-wrote songs over the course of a year in Los Angeles where Cunningham had moved since the release of their last album, 2013’s “Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere.”The idea was to broaden the Terry Malts concept and create a kaleidoscopic pop album that has a mixture of moods, each song turning to a different sound inspired by the records the band have loved over the years. The driving punk (Buzzcocks, The Undertones) that has been a cornerstone of the group’s sound sits snugly with songs steeped in indie-pop and power-pop (The Chills, Dwight Twilley).

Once the band was ready to record they enlisted Monte Vallier (Soft Moon, Weekend, Swell) to co-produce at his Ruminator Audio studio in San Francisco. It is the group’s first album recorded in a studio. 2012’s “Killing Time” & “Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere” were both recorded in various practice spaces by guitarist Corey Cunningham and the group was intent on shaking the lo-fi tag.

The freedom of the studio allowed the band to expand on their sound with the addition of 12-string electric guitars, piano, organ, and sound effects. From driving opener “Used To Be” through jangling ballad “Gentle Eyes” to first single “Seen Everything” and haunting closer “When The Nighttime Comes,” Terry Malts have put the augmented sonic palette in the service of some of their strongest tunes yet. The resulting album, “Lost At The Party,” is a lovingly-crafted love letter to pop music in all it’s forms.

Tour Dates:
Oct 8 - Carmel, CA The Rumpus
Oct 9 - Los Angeles, CA -  The Hi Hat,(Release show w/ Devon Williams & Susan)
Oct 10 - San Francisco, CA - Hemlock (Release show w/ Chook Race & Lovebirds)
Oct 22 - Baltimore, MD - U+N Fest
Oct 23 -  Philadelphia, PA - Kung Fu Necktie
Oct 24 - Brooklyn, NY - Shea Stadium
Oct 25 - Allston, MA - O'Brien's Pub
Oct 27 - Detroit, MI - UFO Factory
Oct 28 - Chicago, IL - Subterranean
Oct 29  - St Louis, MO - San Loo
Nov 18 - Seattle, WA - Vera Project
Nov 19 - Portland, OR - Bunk Bar.

There are some real punk vibes to 'Seen Everything' more akin to the new wave era of the late 1970's. Whats certain is the band really do know how to deliver short, sharp, shock, no nonsense music, so typical of that era. It's fair to add  they do provide a fresher more modern take, but with all of the edge to be expected, and desired.


I Grow Paper Wings - Run.

Background - I Grow Paper Wings new single ”Run” is the latest creation from the multi- instrumentalist, composer, producer and vocalist Jenny Gustafsson. The song is a burst of energy that through its electronic landscape and powerful vocals takes you on a grand journey.

- ”Run is an explosive journey through time and space. It’s a call for energy and for life. It’s about letting go, to unite and to run. Run, cross the world together and shine brighter than the sun.”

The single is produced and mixed by Jenny Gustafsson herself and mastered in the renowned Svenska Grammofonstudion in Gothenburg. The single is part of I Grow Paper Wings debut EP which will be released in september on the label GBG ART POP.

'Run' is an expansive, vocally powerful song, with some really classy electronic music. The melody and energy are quite addictive. As a whole 'Run' demonstrates that Jenny Gustafsson is one very creative and talented individual.