Globetrotting Tuesday: The Magnettes - Jenny Gabrielsson Mare - Gudrun Von Laxenburg - Gothic Tropic

The Magnettes - Hollywood.

Background promo - Swedish pop trio The Magnettes have returned with their new single, “Hollywood,” out today on all digital retailers via Nashville-based label DigSin. The track highlights the band’s signature sound: unfiltered and unapologetic views paired with sugary sweet, infectious beats. To coincide with the release of “Hollywood,” The Magnettes have also announced that they are putting the finishing touches on their debut full-length to be released later this year and will return to the U.S. this fall for a string of tour dates; these U.S. shows will be the first of this year. The Magnettes performed at both SXSW and CMJ Music Marathon in 2015 and Canadian Music Week in Spring 2016.

The seeds of rebellion first became planted when co-vocalists Rebecka Digervall and Sanna Kalla met at 6-years-old in their small town Pajala in Sweden. The Magnettes fondly call this city of 2,000 home and it’s the birthplace of their infectious and inimitable glitter punk pop sound. By age 14, Rebecka had written a plethora of songs for them as a duo and in 2012, they released their first official song, “Paper Cut,” and began performing across Europe and Russia. They’ve performed at several festivals overseas, as well as Canadian Music Week and SXSW and CMJ here in the States. The band is rounded out with guitarist, keyboardist, and producer Tomas Bäcklund Thuneström.

With stand out harmonies 'Hollywood' is a feisty punk pop song that just blasts along. The pop hooks grab you, whilst the punk overtones give the song some real edge. All of which makes the debut album something to look forward to.


Jenny Gabrielsson Mare - Wolves.

Background - A new solo album is due on November 4. September 10 a first single will be released: Wolves. Based on piano, cello and Jenny’s voice the song creates a dark forest where you are the hunter or the hunted.

In the fall of 2014 Jenny Gabrielsson Mare spent a month alone in Brooklyn writing songs for a new album. The result is Comb the Wicked – an album inspired by the atmosphere in Brooklyn; from industrial noise to soul and gospel. The songs are based on voice, piano, organ and percussion and she has collaborated with legendary percussionist Michael Blair who has played with some of the greatest like Tom Waits and Lou Reed.

Almost four years have passed since her last album The Ritual and during this time she has mostly been seen as one half of the indie-electronica-duo White Birches who’s debut album Dark Waters was nominated in the category “Synth” at the Swedish “indie-Grammy” Manifestgalan 2015.

'Wolves' has a haunting and dramatic feel right from the start. The video builds on this adding glimpses of the wolves on the night of a full moon. Drama aside this is a musically atmospheric piece, that slowly draws the listener in (well it did for me).


Gudrun Von Laxenburg - Revolution.

Background - Friends since their teens, July, Christoph and Daniel: A jazz-trained drummer, a classically trained violinist and hard rock guitarist respectively, there was never any question that the Viennese trio wouldn’t enjoy a life in music... Although they didn’t think it would be done with such a happy accident.

“It all started out as a joke. We never sat down and said ‘right let’s make a serious hard-hitting band’ Even our name is a joke: we just took the street names we lived on and made an aristocratic name out of them. The joke is a big part of our live shows. We’re not cool kids all dressed in black or covered in bling, we’re there in costume, making noises and having a good time with the audience.” – Daniel

Their debut show, performed for a film director friend’s movie launch, formed everything you need to know about Gudrun von Laxenburg: their roots and spirit are 100 percent live...  A full steam genre-defying fusion surcharged with raw drum power and synths and a sound that sits somewhere between Daft Punk, Digitalism, Justice, The Prodigy and the Chemical Brothers. For their debut performance, in true punk spirit, they collected a bunch of samples and just jammed out. No click track, no backing tracks: rave done in the most rock ‘n’ roll way possible... And delivered in pristine overalls that have since been developed into the space-age LED tailored suits you seen on stage today.

Nearly seven years after their debut live show taking the art of fun very seriously, the trio have spent years refining and honing their sound so what you hear on their album ‘PANIC!’ is an honest reaction of what you’ll experience when you see them live. Signed and due for release this year on Skint Records.

The video for 'Revolution' is something of a futuristic and epic piece in it's own right. It might take a couple of minutes until the music fully kicks in, however it's worth the wait even if the visual storyline has not already grabbed your attention. Powerful synth sounds compete head on with the superb rhythm driven by intense drum beats. Having already described the video as an epic piece I ought to add, so is the music.


Gothic Tropic - Don't Give Me Up.

Background - Gothic Tropic have shared their new track "Don't Give Me Up" off their upcoming album. The brainchild of Cecilia Della Peruti, Gothic Tropic keeps the vibe playful and punchy, bringing audiences into a new era of female rock nobility, nodding to stars like Debbie Harry, and Chrissie Hynde. 

Delivering a blend of Richard Lloyd and Nile Rodgers on guitar, Gothic Tropic's Della Peruti has won sponsorships with Fender, and leading pedal manufacturers, and works professionally as a touring and session player for Charli XCX, BØRNS, and more.

Gothic Tropic album, Fast or Feast  is due out on Old Flame Records with a street Date: October 28, 2016.

'Don't Give Me Up' is our third share from Gothic Tropic ahead of the album. If anything this is for me the best song so far. It's a little more soulful and the musicianship is first rate, with the vocals making a fine match.