Twilight Fields - Further Up, Further In (Album)

Twilight Fields - Our Anthem (99).

Background promo - Allister Thompson has led a varied musical life, having been a solo folkie but also a member of cult 70s-style glam band Crash Kelly. He has recorded Krautrock under the project name The Gateless Gate and a psych album as Khan Tengri, as well as several solo folk albums. His 2009 progressive rock album Shadowlands was well-received by progressive rock reviewers. Teri-Lynn Janveau is a classically trained pianist who also has composed and played as a member of The Gateless Gate. Tim Timleck is a veteran Canadian drummer with such playing and recording credits as Carole Pope, Emm Gryner and Universal Honey, amongst many others.

“Further Up, Further In!” is the debut full-length art-rock album by Twilight Fields, of North Bay, Canada. The expansive sound and reflective, philosophical tone of this recording stem from many influences, from psychedelic and progressive rock to eighties neo-psych and alternative, psych-folk, and even ambient and shoegaze.

My way of musical thinking has been strongly affected by early spacy progressive rock acts like Pink Floyd and The Moody Blues, the cosmic psych of Hawkwind or Jefferson Airplane, but also the intelligence, passion and depth of eighties bands like The Waterboys, Midnight Oil, New Model Army, and The Church, the wistful sounds of seventies British folk songwriters and the vocal arrangements of The Beach Boys.

One of eleven tracks on the new full length album 'Our Anthem (99)' is representative of the high quality songs, that can be found on 'Further Up, Further In'. The bands mentioned above, are probably strong influences of many an artist or band, however with this album those influences have helped in the creativity, rather than dominate the end work. This album has so many unique attributes, along with mature lyrics, and beautifully constructed songs and music. For anyone who loves progressive, ambient and even modern folk music (and a fair number of other genres), I cannot recommend this album enough.



Love the arrangement of Our anthem on the album Twilight Fields.