Sweden Calling: Mother Mink - Louise Lemon

Mother Mink - Doobie Doobie.

Background promo - Mother Mink is a music duo based in Stockholm created the autumn of 2016. The band plays experimental indie pop with both electronic and acoustic elements. A big part of the music has been created by distorted saxophones, clarinets and dirty beats.

Mother Mink’s music can be described as a cross between punk, pop and indie. The music is theatrical, humoristic and has many interesting melodies. The musical references of the band comes from everything from jazz to punk. Their aesthetics is described by themselves as a ”kitchy, dirty and glamorous plastic world”.

On the stage Mother Mink wants to convey musical chaos where a qualitative freak show is their artistic goal. To achieve this Mother Mink often invites other crazy musicians to join them. They themselves describe their music as an explosion of art.

The original source of inspiration of the band comes from the plastic in all the seas of the world and several songs treat themes around the artificial and exaggerated world we live in. Their first single ”Monkeys” is about the mass death of bees caused by mankind.

Their second single ”Doobie Doobie” is a catchy song with references to Quentin Tarantino’s films. The song contains everything from horn arrangements, opera, Fanny’s singing and cut up electric guitars that sound like a machine gun. Website here

For me 'Doobie Doobie' rips apart the awful, plastic Euro pop fodder, with a touch of madness, plenty of humour, and an annoyingly catchy song. The video is the icing on the cake.


Louise Lemon - Thirst.

Background - Hailing from Sweden, the place that has graced us with some of the best and most interesting contemporary musicians comes female artist Louise Lemón. Following live performances, critics raved about Louise- including one of the biggest Swedish national newspapers Dagens Nyheter, who called her the answer to future music.

Louise Lemón joins the ultra-growing power of females with attitude; sounding sonically similar to PJ Harvey, whilst also hints of The Dead Weather appear. Interestingly, Louise actually recorded her upcoming EP, Purge, in a cabin deep in the woods of Dalarna, and the presence of the eerie place is undeniably audible in her latest single, Thirst. The track, which was produced by Randall Dunn (Sunn O))), Thurston Moore), gets sent into darker territory, giving it that hypnotic edge when a scuzzy blend of guitars take over, reminding us of Dolores Haze. Whilst distorted, reverbed vocals have left comparisons to artists like Chelsea Wolfe. Thirst was released on the 14th October 2016 through Icons Creating Evil Art. Website here.

There is a brooding feel running right through 'Thirst'. The lofi vibes erupt into chorus, the distant edgy guitar comes and goes and the vocals drift through the sonic soundscape. Superb!