Quality Not Quantity: Calling All Astronauts - Adwaith - Cassady Southern

Calling All Astronauts - Life As We Know It.

Background - 2016 has been another fantastic year for West London Electro Punks Calling All Astronauts. It has seen the release of their widely acclaimed second album “Anti-Social Network” Their single Empire hit #2 in the Official European Indie Chart, they’ve had two #1s in the Hype Machine Twitter Chart, they headlined the Bandstand Stage on the final night of Beautiful Days Festival. They have seen their Twitter following swell to over 500,000.

They round off the year with their ninth single, “Life As We Know It” released via Supersonic Media on Dec 23rd in which we see a more mellow, electronic side to these usually noisy rockers. The single is backed by three remixes and would you believe a “shuffle” video. “We are not a band to release the same single over and over, yes they all sound like us, but we are very eclectic in our influences and I hope our music reflects this” David CAA.

Website here, Facebook here.

The original version of 'Life As We Know It' is a rhythmic feast where guitars glide and the deep vocal delivery adds some real edge. The three remixes take the song into differing orientations, however the dark sonic vibes cannot help but remain.


Adwaith - Pwysau.

Background - Adwaith have always existed. They have been there since the sixties, through Roxy's filthy glitter, and within the glorious chaos of punk and its post-punk offspring. Now the relevant stars have aligned, Adwaith have been made physical in the form of Gwenllian Anthony (Bass, Mandolin), Hollie Singer ( Vocals, Guitar), Eva Chelsea Free (Vocals) and Heledd Owen ( Drums).

History flows through Adwaith, so much so that they are formed around a classic core songwriting duo of Hollie and Gwenllian. Like famous musical partners Hollie and Gwenllian's friendship stretches back to their childhood days (the pair met when they were three years old). After taking a detour through life with Hollie moving to Australia (which included her singing at the Opera House) the pair are now reunited and embarking on forging a new path for Welsh music. Inspired by artists who refuse to walk the easy path (Datblygu, The Slits, Nico, Happy Mondays, The Velvet Underground, Johnny Cash) Adwaith are set to be hailed as the most exciting band to come out of Wales for a very long time.

The band have worked with Patricia Morgan from Datblygu over the summer to develop their demos and sound. The results can be heard on Pwysau their post-folk debut single.  With Pwysau, Adwaith offer their hand and let the listener know that are people who care and who can support you in your time of need. Facebook here.

'Pwysau' is a beautifully understated folk song where the music is crisp and the vocals just right. At just under two minutes it's almost a tease, however if Adwaith deliver more music of this calibre, it may well be time to learn the Welsh nations language.


Cassady Southern - Breakdown.

Background - Cassady Southern’s new single “Breakdown” is a paean to broken love and showcases the ability of Cassady's writing to uncover the vulnerable truths within all of us. Cassady’s heartfelt lyrics and unique delivery are enhanced by the signature sound of guitarist extraordinaire Wolf Mail, and the rock-solid rhythm section of current drummer for ‘Ratcat’ Reuben J Alexander and bassist Brad Fitter. Paul Najar fills out the band on piano and Sarah Hamad provided back-up vocals.

Skilfully crafted and produced, the track features the undeniable talents of Cassady and the band. Both authentic and catchy, a couple of plays will have it stuck in your head. “While this song is personal, it is not just about me. It’s the result of my own, and others’ experiences, distilled over time. It’s about wanting someone so much that it is consuming; and I think many people can relate to that” says Cassady.

Indeed Heart is the fitting name of Cassady’s latest EP, featuring three other original tracks including, “I Liked It”, which has an instant groove, the rocking “Feet on the Ground”, and “I Ain’t Feeling A Thing”, which closes with a poignant sing-along. The EP is a musical journey through many landscapes and influences - distant echoes of LA canyons, ricochets of nascent southern rock and a raucous pub’s worth of rain-soaked London blues-rock.

The EP was recorded by Nick Franklin (Daniel Johns, Matt Corby) and produced by Nick and Daniel Vanda (British India, The Wrights), son of Harry Vanda (The Easybeats, AC/DC), at Hercules Street Studios in Sydney. It was mastered by Don Bartley at Benchmark Mastering. Heart follows on from Cassady’s debut EP Don’t Ask Me which was shortlisted in the MusicOz Awards and supported on local radio around the country. Website here, Facebook here.

'Breakdown' showcases a gentler and more personal side of Cassady Southern. It sits well on the new EP in as much that, each song takes very different musical directions. The one constant is Cassady's fine vocals and the superbly delivered musical arrangements.