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Saturday &: Shapes On Tape - Otto Niklasson Elmerås - Night Lights

Shapes On Tape - Personal Enemy #1 Background promo - Shapes on Tape's latest release is a tongue-in-cheek exploration of the merit, or lack thereof, of the quite possibly the most insufferable lawyer in all of New York City. Over a bouncing baseline and neon synths, the duo expounds on the extraordinary suckitude of this profoundly hateful individual. The track is synthy dance rock with a dark edge. Said the band: "The practice of law can be profoundly frustrating and has required me at times to say things like 'This is the kind of dumb ass pissing contest that makes the practise of law so unpleasant so often. You know that, right,' or 'I have no interest in hackneyed lawyer games. Life is far too short for me to engage in such trivialities. I cordially invite to you refrain from them and I will return the favour.' Sometimes, though, a person--a particular guy in this instance--is just so unpleasant, so incapable of professional courtesy, so inexplicably

Genre Wander: The Blackheart Orchestra - BKBirge - George Sarah - Staycations - The Medicine Hat

The Blackheart Orchestra - Keep The Light In. Background promo - Manchester based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist duo The Blackheart Orchestra bring a heavenly fusion of acoustic folk, progressive pop and modern classical composition with new single “Keep The light In” released Friday 24th June. Minimalist and fragile, “Keep The Light In” weaves melodies and atmospherics to create an ethereal musical landscape drawing comparisons with the likes of The Cure and London Grammar while Chrissy Mostyn’s captivating vocals soar, reminiscent of Kate Bush. Combining ancient synthesisers and modern songwriting, The Blackheart Orchestra create an enchanting masterpiece leaving the listener with no choice but to cling on to every note through to the track’s rich and rewardingly layered climactic end. Often mistaken for an 8-piece band on first listen, The Blackheart Orchestra can be found on stage with a multitude of instruments ranging from guitars, piano and electronic beats to vi

Triple Play: Verticoli - The Halls - Gregory Alan Isakov

Verticoli - Positions. Background promo - Hobart's Verticoli have served up new single ‘Positions’, a snarling slice of alt-rock that taps into the vein of some of Australia’s most loved nineties-esque guitar driven bands. Following on from ‘Punching Bag’, last year’s full length that spawned the singles ‘Happiness’ and ‘Head Things, Verticoli teamed up with producer Rob Long (Shihad, Magic Dirt, Violent Soho) to deliver the brooding and melodious track. Frontman Sam Hunn says of ‘Positions’, “The song is about speaking your mind, even if that might be something people don't necessarily want to hear.” After supporting the likes of DZ Deathrays, The Delta Riggs, Kingswood and more, the lads will be hitting - The Republic Bar July 2 to support arguably the hardest gigging band in the country, British India (Oztix). ‘Positions’ will be available on a limited edition split 7” vinyl with killer Melbourne rock duo The Hunted Crows, who will be joining Verticoli for a co-head

Quality Not Quantity: Novanta - Introflirt

Novanta - Goðafoss. Background promo - Two years after releasing 'Best-Selling Dreams' to wide acclaim around the world, Novanta will soon release his new album 'Hello We’re Not Enemies' on Seashell Records. The first single from this release is 'Goðafoss'. Novanta is Manfredi Lamartina, a musician who is originally from Palermo but has been based in Milan for many years now. On this album, Novanta further evolves his sound, falling effortlessly between shoegaze, post-rock and electronica. This release underlines the importance of empathy as its core idea. In a period where human relationships are often based on aggression and on the division between “us” and “them”, here we find that we’re not enemies. This album is also an expression of love towards Iceland, a country where Manfredi Lamartina spent some time traveling last year. "Goðafoss is about a man who wants to be a god, shaking the world and erasing all the evil. But mankind is indifferent to e

Genre Wander: Gileah Taylor - Larry Weiss - The Legends

Gileah Taylor - Tears Of A Spirit. Background promo - “Tears of a Spirit”, Gileah Taylor’s new single from her upcoming album, hides hopefulness and expectancy just below its melancholy surface. Beautifully orchestrated, the song radiates a sense of innocence, reverie and weightlessness both melodiously and lyrically. Yet it also conveys passion and a certain heaviness of heart—it is pensive without being brooding, contemplative but not overly cautious. And while it could most certainly be a love song, “Tears of a Spirit”showcases Taylor’s poetic approach, making it more open to interpretation. The first single from her upcoming Songs For Late At Night Vol. 2, “Tears of a Spirit” is the perfect sneak peak to what will be an exquisitely tender and brilliant record. The city of Destin is located in the panhandle of the state of Florida, and it's best known for its beautiful Gulf Coast beaches, spring breaks and warm weather. It's an odd location for the melancholy songstress G

Rock'n'Roll Sunday: Field Mouse - Typhoid Rosie - Cool Ghouls

Field Mouse - The Mirror. Background promo - Field Mouse share new single The Mirror. If 2014's Hold Still Life was the fruition of Field Mouse's evolution from a fiery two-piece into a fully-fledged band, then new album Episodic (August 5, Topshelf Records) is the letting go; the abandonment of past persuasions for something altogether more untamed. Where the band's initial work was self-recorded by founding members Rachel Browne and Andrew Futral, the new record signifies the first time that the quintet has composed an album together from start-to-finish - and the result is a record that feels altogether more defined. Recorded in Philadelphia with Hop Along's Joe Reinhart, and written through a twelve-month period which delivered sudden family illness and a deteriorating relationship, Episodic is fashioned from ten feverish bouts of guitar-pop; led by Browne's fearsome and fearless vocal and informed by an instrumental backing that underpins the entire record