Thursdays Alternative Double Take: Someday - Teenage Wedding

Someday - This Doesn't Exist (Album).

Background - Seahorse Recordings presents the new 10-track album from Someday, called ‘This Doesn’t Exist’. Now based in Turin (Torino), this trio is comprised of Daniele Bianco, Michele Fierro, and Fabio Digitali. The first single from this album is ‘Last Lesson’.

This is Someday’s debut album, entailing a search for balance and essentialness that may be appreciated by fans of early Tokyo Police Club and Foals, Bombay Bicycle Club, Placebo, Born Ruffians, Hot Hot Heat, and The Stills. The band cite numerous influences, including early Sparklehorse, The Smiths, Joy Division, Placebo, Sonic Youth, The Cure, Paolo Conte and La Crus.

Someday was formed in Collegno, a city close to Torino (Piedmont, Italy) by two childhood friends – Daniel Bianco (guitar/vocals/lyrics) and Michele Fierro (bass). Initially rehearsing in Michele's living room and Daniel's cellar, they began making demo tapes, had several singles on Italian music compilations, and eventually released their debut EP "Flowers in the Cellar" and two singles 'Divano Pulito' and 'Rifugi' in 2016, produced by Luca "Vicio" Vicini of Subsonica. They were then joined by drummer Federico Segato to form a trio, who was subequently replaced by Fabio Digitali.

'This Doesn't Exist' will be available digitally via key digital music platforms as of February 10 and is already available for pre-order (here) on Someday's Bandcamp. In late February, it will also be available on CD with distribution via Audioglobe. Facebook here.

It's not often that we share an entire album however with 'This Doesn't Exist' from Someday, I can, and I found it hard to resist. In the promo above there are a good number of musical influences, alongside artists and bands whose fans, may well find Someday of keen interest. That in itself gives away the diverse nature of the album, sometimes quite dark and moody, other times melancholic, juxtaposed by more new wave and expressive songs. Easier to listen to than describe, enjoy, I think some of you really will...


Teenage Wedding - City Lights.

Background (and we quote) - Weirdo pop group from Victoria BC Canada, Teenage Wedding, just released their debut album The Great Sadness.

Teenage Wedding began in 2015 when Nick Joy of Zuzu's Petals and Mouthbreathers Owen Hooper began to work on an album that would eventually become The Great Sadness.  Soon joined by Claire and Cosima of Aquarius on keys and guitar/vocals and Ben of Mouthbreather on drums the band began playing relentlessly in Hoopers bedroom.

Though Teenage Wedding was trying form a punk band the amount of grass that filled the jam space cause the music to mellow out and get more and more dreamy. This is where they developed a pretty dissonance, a sonic range somewhere between Pavement, and Asturd Gilberto, or between Sonic Youth and Stevie Nicks.

The band then travelled to Saltspring Island for a weekend of wonder where they recorded the entirety of The Great Sadness. Fuelled by tequila and fettuccine alfredo chilling on mountain some chillers say is made a quartz. Teenage Wedding preformed some weird alchemy.Bandcamp here, Facebook here.

'City Lights' is one of six songs on the bands debut album 'The Great Sadness'. Weirdo pop group? I don't know, I think they are being a little hard on themselves with that description. There are some "interesting" moments where the odd chord change might seem a little bit "out there", otherwise mellow dream punk, might be more fitting. Either way it's a delicious collection of play again songs, unless I just happen to be a weirdo to (don't answer that!!).