Midweek Muse: Vagabon - GANGLY - Billy Moon - Free Pizza - Max Subar - Ferlein - The Asteroid Shop

Vagabon - The Embers.

Background - At the end of February, Vagabon, the band project of multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Laetitia Tamko, released a debut album "Infinite Worlds" to considerable praise internationally.

Significant support has arrived elsewhere, with Jenny Gathright at NPR calling the album "the most powerful meditation on the politics of space I've heard since Solange's A Seat At The Table."

Infinite Worlds is available now via Father/Daughter Records. Vagabon is currently on a full US tour with Allison Crutchfield & The Fizz that includes shows at SXSW.

She heads to the UK and France for the very first time in May, tour dates are on the Beehive Candy tour page. Facebook here.

With some UK tour dates lined up for May, I reckon that's a good enough reason to feature 'The Embers' which is the first of eight songs on the highly recommended 'Infinite Worlds' album. Mixing ideas and genres with a fresh and creative flair the featured song is just a glimpse of something special.


GANGLY - Whole Again.

Backround - GANGLY signal the arrival of the next great Icelandic band to make a global impact, now set to release their new single ‘Whole Again’.

Having been anointed by the Nordic island’s musical Goddess, Björk, who has said she is ‘obsessed’ with singer Jófríður, ‘Whole Again’ draws you deeper into GANGLY’s delicate, frosted slow jams.

GANGLY are comprised of members from 3 of Iceland’s biggest bands; Sin Fang’s Sindri Már Sigfússon, Samaris’ Jófríður Ákadóttir (who has also just released a solo record as JFDR) and Oyama’s Úlfur Alexander Einarsson.

‘Whole Again’ is released with a hi-definition surreal digital video as all the GANGLY singles so far have had, the perfect visual metaphor for the alienated tales of love told in the song. GANGLY launched the new group with the anonymous released of the epic heavy hitting heart-break anthem ‘fuck with someone else’ on Soundcloud nearly two years ago. Since that time, their tracks have been streamed millions of times. They were the word-of-mouth break out ‘one to watch’ from the Iceland Airwaves Festival in 2016. ‘Whole Again’ reveals more of their soaring, addictive emotional landscape. Website here.

With vocals that whisper and sing and a fabulous musical arrangement that mixes understated moments with occasional bursts of power 'Whole Again' is my introduction to GANGLY and what an intro this is! Bjork comparisons there may be with this song, however as she is reportedly a big fan of the band already, then what's the problem.


Billy Moon - I W K.

Background from Billy Moon - The concept for 'I Wanna Know' is based on the creative power to imagine and the freedom your mind can have when a game is revolved around fantasizing new rules every ten seconds. When there is no limit on a character's imagination, the freedom can either take you on beautifully creative inspiration or mind-bending insanity.

I wrote this song a while ago while I was still in University. I recorded it with Aron D’Alesio (of Young Rival) in a small studio in Toronto a while ago. It’s great for the song to finally come to light. Funny enough, since that time my friends in Mr. Joy currently rent and operate the studio where we recorded (The Black Lodge). In my life I’ve come across people that are so convinced that they know the answers to things. For example:

People that try to cover up insecurity with unfounded confidence
People that are more concerned with being cool than being authentic
People that refuse to see the world through the eyes of others because that’s just being pessimistic
People that avoid any self reflection and keep blaming others for their problems
People that influence others for the sake of it
People that see life as a game with rules, scores, prizes, winners and losers

Life ain’t like that and I wanna know why they think it is. But maybe you know? - Facebook here.

'I W K' may ask questions and even provide some answers, but regardless of the deeper things of life, it cannot help but be a hook laden and extremely catchy rock'n'roll song. Add in a video that also demands your attention and you have something to play and watch again and quite possibly again.


Free Pizza - Slipping.

Background - Building upon their love for rock and roll, Free Pizza has cultivated what is considered an off kilter, post-punk, pop country drive that gets you far past the band name and way into something deep and meaningful.  Today on Impose, Free Pizza shares the new music video for "Slipping" off their latest album Berlin, DE.  Order the EP here on BUFU Records.

Free Pizza’s debut LP Boston, MA was released, and sold out shortly after, in the Spring of 2014 on New England’s trademark labels BUFU Records and Feeding Tube Records. Born in South America and raised in Miami, Jesus Vio and Santiago Cardenas have been collaborating together on art and music since high school. However, it wasn’t until the duo moved to Boston to attend art school that Free Pizza was finally formed. Out of the same DIY scene that gave birth to such bands as Quilt, Guerilla Toss, Happy Jawbone Family Band, and more, Free Pizza has a sound that takes influences from their rich surroundings and peers.

Fresh off of a European run and now based in Nashville, Free Pizza have added Rory MacMurdo to their line-up and are gearing up to release a collection of songs written during their recent stay in Berlin. Appropriately titled Berlin, DE, the bands sophomore release trades in the bright melodies and tongue-in-cheek nature of Boston, MA for darker hooks with themes rooted in the concepts of the coming of age, and the process of understanding while still trying to maintain a level of positivity as the years keep piling on.

After countless tours of the U.S. and Europe sharing the stage with such bands as The Beets, Colleen Green, Guerilla Toss, and more, Free Pizza continues to attract people to their sound regardless of where they are rooted. A brand new EP and busy tour schedule lay ahead as the band strives to fine its craft and continue spreading their gospel of rock nationally and internationally. Facebook here.

If you feel the need for some upbeat and slightly quirky music then 'Slipping' could well be a remedy. Mixing intriguing vocals with some pop or maybe rock music Free Pizza are as good as their bands name.


Max Subar - Morning Song.

Background - Chicago based singer-songwriter Max Subar has shared his first official single "Morning Song". When talking about the track Subar explains, “Morning Song" is a reflection on peace and personal awakening after a dark period of time.”  The song will be featured on Max's debut EP 'In A Dream' out 3/31.

Singer/songwriter Max Subar aims to remain bound to his midwestern roots with songs that radiate closeness and warmth. Growing up, his mother’s old nylon guitar became a familiar friend in the wake of moving to Australia and back as well as his parents’ divorce. Max’s grounded relationship to songwriting has helped shed light on his own experiences and struggles; from euphoric intimacy to the isolation of depression and anxiety. His debut EP reflects upon themes of love, loss, and reflection. ‘In a Dream’ is due out in the first quarter of 2017. 'In a Dream' is due out March 31, 2017. Live dates on our tour page, website here, Facebook here.

'Morning Song' quietly comes into being. With a melodic acoustic guitar and gentle vocals the song builds with atmosphere, emotion and content. In fact the shift in emotional feel is quite stunning, in what is a captivating song.


Ferlein - Among The Roses.

Background - Among the Roses, Forgive Me for Falling and Seduced By a Lie are Ferlein’s debut singles from her upcoming debut album Poetic Mind.

Ferlein is a singer/songwriter with a gift for poetic storytelling.  Her unique contralto voice with lush velvet tones, combined with a mix of delicate and powerful delivery, enables her to tell her stories with genuine passion and emotion. Marcel Yammouni is Ferlein’s music producer and guitarist.  Marcel describes Ferlein's music as fearless and inventive. "Ferlein has a unique sound which I struggle to put in any category, all I know is I love it and am thrilled to be working with her".

Ferlein has a very experienced band including Marcel Yammouni, John Salerno, Paul Cecchinelli, Rod Bustos and Phil Turcio.  They have worked with many top Australian artists including Vanessa Amorosi, Kate Ceberano, Olivia Newton John, Guy Sebastian, John Farnham, Jimmy Barnes, Jessica Mauboy, Em Rusciano and Hugh Jackman.  They have also toured and performed with international artists including Suzi Quattro, K.D Lang, Belinda Carlisle, Sting and Richard Marx.

Ferlein’s first three singles are character-based songs, spanning multiple musical styles as she begins to reveal her fearless, emotionally raw and inventive songwriting. With a Latin Pop influence, Ferlein explores the possibility of “love at first sight” as she is invited to Dance “Among the Roses”. Website here, Facebook here.

We featured Ferlein late last year and had no hesitation in sharing the single 'Among The Roses' from the forthcoming debut album. Once again we are treated to her powerful and highly melodic vocals, this time with a refreshing Latin twist to the music.


The Asteroid Shop - On The Rise.

Background - Eric Brendo takes The Asteroid Shop into a world full of elegance & pain, of ease and tension all at once.

The band skims through the same vast sea as contemporaries Richard Hawley, Spiritualized and Richard Ashcroft and channeling, at once, the likesof Mazzy Star, early Pink Floyd, The Secret Machines & My Bloody Valentine. The Asteroid Shop is a rare treat for folks who still look for craft in their songs.

The track features Norm Block - drums (Jennylee's Warpaint, Mark Lanegan) Todd Dahloff - bass (Devendra Barnhart, Rodrigo Amarante) Eric Brendo --vocals, guitar, synth (Downtown, The Asteroid Shop). On The Rise was recorded and mixed by Norm Block at Happy Ending Studios - Los Angeles, CA and mastered by Rick O' Neil at Turtle Rock Mastering - Sydney AUS. Facebook here.

With deep and distinct vocals, and contrasting lighter harmonies 'On The Rise' is a gorgeous flowing rock song, that has an atmosphere that really engages the listener. Fabulous song.